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Debunking Top 6 Myths About Travel Insurance

Debunking myths about coverage you may need while on vacation

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Going to a Different Province? You Still Need Travel Insurance

You wouldn’t consider flying abroad without travel insurance, but what about when you’re heading out of the province? It’s important no matter where you travel.

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Car Rental Travel Insurance in 2022—3 Important Things to Know

Crucial reasons to purchase it and what to consider about your coverage

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How You Can Save on Your Taxes by Travelling Local in Ontario

Key information about the provincial tax rebate and how you can benefit from taking a trip nearby

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4 Top Questions to Ask Before You Go On Vacation

Returning to Canada from a holiday? Here’s what to ask about your travel insurance coverage.

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5 Ways to Mix Business and Pleasure While on Vacation

Learn how to separate work from leisure and still enjoy your time away

A woman packs a small suitcase

5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is a Good Idea

Think you don’t need to buy travel insurance? We explore some common misconceptions people have about it.

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Plan a Sustainable Trip—7 Ideas for a Greener Getaway

Many people are eager to travel more sustainably. Here are seven ways to ensure you are mindful of the environment on your next vacation.

A man in a blue suit, wearing a blue suit with a white button-up shirt and a mask and disposable gloves is handing something to two people who are standing in front of him at the front desk of a hotel. The man handing him the item is wearing an orange button-up shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He is also wearing a disposable mask and a black backpack. Next to him is a woman with long blonde hair who is wearing a disposable mask and a checkered button up shirt that is open with a cream-coloured shirt underneath. The two people are holding hands.

12 Ways a Hotel Concierge Can Help Make Your Trip Better

Here are twelve ways a hotel concierge can assist you so you can enjoy your time away

Young couple checking their cell phone in an airport lounge.

The Top 9 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

Planning a trip? Travel with confidence with these important health insurance must-haves.