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Young couple checking their cell phone in an airport lounge.

The Top 9 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

Planning a trip? Travel with confidence with these important health insurance must-haves.

A woman wearing a copper-coloured jumpsuit is standing on a beach holding a white straw hat with a black ribbon around it. Behind her are rows of cabanas with a white shade. In the water there is a single boat.

5 Ways Caribbean Resorts are Keeping Travellers Safe this Winter

If you’re travelling to a resort in the Caribbean this winter, here’s what you need to know about the changes in health and safety protocols

A woman with white hair wearing a plum wide-brimmed hat and a dress white dress with a purple diamond print on it, with a purple and white silk vest over it is holding onto a rolling carry on suitcase. There is a man standing next to her wearing a plum fedora with a brown suede jacket and a plum turtleneck and pants. He is also holding onto a rolling suitcase. An airport appears in the background behind them.

10 Things To Do Before Heading South of the Border This Winter

Before packing your bags and your home for warmer weather, here are some things you should do to ensure a smooth trip

A line of people standing by glass doors. They are each wearing masks with yellow signs next to them indicating that they should keep six feet apart. The woman in front is wearing a cropped black coat  and black pants, holding onto a red rolling suitcase.

Five Travel Insurance Coverage Benefits to Protect Your Trip

With ever-evolving travel rules and restrictions, travelling can be risky these days. Safeguard your trip with the proper travel insurance coverage

A man wearing a blue plaid shirt and jeans, and a woman wearing a light blue shirt and jeans, each holding onto a rolling suitcase with one hand, are walking on the tarmac towards an airplane. With their other hand, they are each holding onto the hand of a young child who is wearing a yellow shirt and jean shorts. They are swinging her in the air towards the airplane.

How to Ensure You Have the Right Travel Insurance Coverage

If you’re making plans for your next adventure, be sure to protect your entire trip with the right travel insurance plan

Two people wearing backpacks are walking, one in front of the other. Behind them is a mountain peak and next to them is a body of water.

Ready to Get Back to Travel? Here’s How to Make Your Next Trip More Meaningful

How the pandemic has changed travel—for the better

A woman with wavy grey hair wearing a grey suit with a white blouse wearing red framed glasses and a mask. She is holding a blue travel mug in one hand with her tickets. On one shoulder she has a black laptop bag. Her other hand is placed on the handle of a suitcase.

How to Read and Understand the Terms in Your Travel Insurance Policy

If you’re planning to travel this fall or winter, it may be time for a refresher on travel insurance terms—especially if you have a medical condition

Two people, a man in a white button up shirt and a hat, and a woman in a striped orange, blue and white sleeveless top wearing masks taking a selfie with her cellphone.

How CAA Travel Consultants Can Help You Plan Your Next Trip Safely

Travel smartly and safely with consultants equipped with knowledge to sweat the small stuff, while you focus on the fun stuff

Two people, a man and a woman, sitting in red camping chairs in front of a camping stove. There is a picnic table behind them as well as a large grey and white RV parked behind them.

Five Important Tips for Your First RV Camping Adventure

Before you head out in your RV, here’s what you should know and how to prepare

A packed suitcase is shown on a bed while a woman does up its interior strap

Here Are Some Simple Definitions of Travel Insurance Terms

Helping you to understand the different terms used in your travel insurance policy