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Two people sit at a wooden table with three lit white candles of varying height. They are looking down at white booklets. One wears a striped knitted hat of black, blue and green with a pom-pom on top, a checked black and white scarf and a brown knitted sweater. They have their face in their scarf and arms wrapped around their body. The second sits close with one hand on the other’s arm, and is wearing a white toque, sweater and scarf.

Ready for a Snowstorm? Four Important Tips for Winter Emergencies

From snowstorms to frostbite, here’s how to handle the cold weather in Canada

A man with short brown hair wearing a white T-shirt with an open striped aqua-blue button-up, black jeans and beige Converse sneakers sits on a light hardwood floor with legs extended, next to a woman with brown hair in a bun with a black hairband wearing a knitted black turtleneck sweater, beige capri pants and white sneakers. They are leaning against a light grey couch behind them and cardboard boxes are seen on the left as well as a few white pots with green foliage.

Do You Rent? Important Things to Know About Tenant Insurance

How to ensure your belongings are covered if you rent

A blonde-white dog with his ears back, wide eyes and pink nose sits facing the camera in a kitchen holding a silver metal food bowl in his mouth. The drawers on the left are light white wood with black handles, as are the cabinets on the right. A black stove is seen in the background with an aqua tiled backsplash and utensils hanging above it from a silver rod. There is a white and aqua checkered tea towel on the stove’s handle and a white and blue-striped carpet beneath the dog.

Important Fall Pet Poisons to Know to Keep Your Dog or Cat Safe

Protect your four-legged friends from seasonal poisons

A young woman with black hair in a bun wearing a striped blue and white apron and beige tank top smiles in the doorway of a grocery shop. You can see silver grocery carts on the left, a glass door with an open sign on the right and behind her are tables and shelves stocked with goods.

Made in Canada: Six Canadian Brands To Show Your Support

Feel good purchasing Canadian-made products

A man in a brown long sleeved shirt and beige pants with a shaved head and small beard and a woman in green knitted green sweater and gray pants with long brown hair sit on a white carpet smiling down at two children. One child is lying on the man’s lap looking upward at him and wearing green pants and a floral long sleeve shirt. The second child is sitting on the woman’s lap, wearing a white and orange log sleeve shirt and jeans and holding a brown dinosaur toy. In the background you see a brown entertainment unit with a TV and a black chair on the left with a pillow and blanket.

How to Ensure Your Home and Belongings Are Protected

Home insurance is essential to protect your property

The cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Childs stands wearing black cloaks and holding wands up in the air. Some shoot small bursts of fire, while the centre person has pink mist coming from his wand. Red, blue, orange and green banners of Hogwarts houses are seen hanging in the background.

Five Fun Facts About Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Experience the magic of the wizarding world

A long-haired beige cat with blue eyes reaches left to bite a green succulent plant in a brown pot. There is a light green aloe plant in a brown pot beside the succulent. The cat and plants sit in front of a closed window that is blurred.

Protect Your Pets From Poisons at Home—Six Top Prevention Tips

Learn what things around your house can be bad for your furry companions and what to do in case they become sick

Three illustrated people celebrating Canada Day. A woman on the left with long brown hair is wearing a white shirt and red skirt and is holding two small Canada flags. A man in the centre wears a red suit with a white T-shirt and a tall top hat with a red maple leaf and is holding a large pole with a Canada flag. A short black haired man on the right who is holding a Happy Canada Day banner, wearing red plants and a red and white T-shirt with a small maple leaf. The background of the image is pink and the border shows red and white striped balloons and small white maple leafs.

Canada Day: Five Ways to Celebrate and Throw the Party

Happy birthday Canada! Turn up the tunes and get ready for a great True North celebration

A woman with curly black hair, wearing a peach-coloured crop top and light coloured jeans is lying on a grey hammock with some purple in the corner. She is surrounded by plants on a small balcony, including clay planters with succulents with rocks.

Five Easy Ways to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space At Home

Whether you have a large backyard, patio or tiny balcony, here are five ways to make it more inviting