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A group of people's hands holding glasses of red wine and clinking them together in a toast. Behind them is an out-of-focus christmas tree with lights.

How to Throw the Ultimate Holiday Party

Five festive ways to elevate your next gathering

An orange shovel pushing through snow on the ground by someone wearing black pants and black boots.

4 Ways to Winterize Your Home

How to prepare for winter at home using your CAA Membership

A mother holds a bouquet of white tulips while sitting on a couch with her daughter

We’ve Made Mother’s Day a Little Easier with this Gift Guide

We’ve got Mother’s Day gift ideas for every mom, from new moms to grandmas, mothers-in-law to aunts

A close up of whit subway tiles on a wall. Some tiles are affixed to the wall already in a straight row, but there is also a smearing of tile adhesive that doesn’t have any tiles yet.

4 Ways to Help Budget Your Home Renovations

Find out where you can afford to cut costs when remodelling your home

Two people are walking down a road arm in arm. There is a woman with shoulder-length white hair on the left wearing a carmel-coloured wool coat. There is a man next to her with salt and pepper hair and a beard. He is wearing glasses with a black frames, a black turtleneck and a black and white flecked coat. He is looking at the woman and smiling broadly at her.

4 Top Questions to Ask a Life Insurance Advisor

If you’re considering buying a life insurance policy, here are four things to find out to ensure you have the right policy to suit your needs

A man wearing a black fleece top and a red and white Santa cap is holding a small hammer in one hand. With the other hand, he is holding a strand of icicle lights against a wood beam.

4 Tips on How to Stay Safe when Decorating this Holiday Season

From picking the best place to set up your tree to hanging up lights, here’s how to deck the halls without the hazards

Kids are shown unwrapping presents with a candle in the foreground

Save Money While Celebrating the Season In Style

Shop with CAA’s Rewards partners for deals to make the season merry

A woman is hugging a dog with black, light brown and white fur is looking into the distance. The dog's mouth is open with its long tongue sticking out and showing a mouthful of teeth.

4 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy

From animal-proofing your home and garden to staying up-to-date on preventative care, here’s how to make sure your furry friend stays healthy

A young girl sitting at a desk with one knee under her chin facing a laptop. There is a bed behind her with several decorative throw pillows in shades of grey and beige, as well as a fluffy pink one. In front of her is a clip board and two coffee cups.

4 Ways to Organize your Dorm Room this School Year

From adding storage to investing in lighting, here’s how to turn your dorm room into a cozy, functional space