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A man in a brown long sleeved shirt and beige pants with a shaved head and small beard and a woman in green knitted green sweater and gray pants with long brown hair sit on a white carpet smiling down at two children. One child is lying on the man’s lap looking upward at him and wearing green pants and a floral long sleeve shirt. The second child is sitting on the woman’s lap, wearing a white and orange log sleeve shirt and jeans and holding a brown dinosaur toy. In the background you see a brown entertainment unit with a TV and a black chair on the left with a pillow and blanket.

How to Ensure Your Home and Belongings Are Protected

Home insurance is essential to protect your property

The cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Childs stands wearing black cloaks and holding wands up in the air. Some shoot small bursts of fire, while the centre person has pink mist coming from his wand. Red, blue, orange and green banners of Hogwarts houses are seen hanging in the background.

Five Fun Facts About Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Experience the magic of the wizarding world

A long-haired beige cat with blue eyes reaches left to bite a green succulent plant in a brown pot. There is a light green aloe plant in a brown pot beside the succulent. The cat and plants sit in front of a closed window that is blurred.

Protect Your Pets From Poisons at Home—Six Top Prevention Tips

Learn what things around your house can be bad for your furry companions and what to do in case they become sick

Three illustrated people celebrating Canada Day. A woman on the left with long brown hair is wearing a white shirt and red skirt and is holding two small Canada flags. A man in the centre wears a red suit with a white T-shirt and a tall top hat with a red maple leaf and is holding a large pole with a Canada flag. A short black haired man on the right who is holding a Happy Canada Day banner, wearing red plants and a red and white T-shirt with a small maple leaf. The background of the image is pink and the border shows red and white striped balloons and small white maple leafs.

Canada Day: Five Ways to Celebrate and Throw the Party

Happy birthday Canada! Turn up the tunes and get ready for a great True North celebration

A woman with curly black hair, wearing a peach-coloured crop top and light coloured jeans is lying on a grey hammock with some purple in the corner. She is surrounded by plants on a small balcony, including clay planters with succulents with rocks.

Five Easy Ways to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space At Home

Whether you have a large backyard, patio or tiny balcony, here are five ways to make it more inviting

A dozen people are standing around a rectangular table covered with a light pink plastic tablecloth. On the table are stacks of paper cups that have red or blue and white stripes, as well as solid red cups. There is a yellow chip bowl, as well as a glass container with a pink drink with slices of lemon in it. Also on the table is an open box of pizza and a slice of watermelon cut into triangles. There is a mix of people standing around the table, including adults and young kids. Some are holding drinks with striped straws in them, others are eating watermelon and pizza.

7 Great Games and Activities for Your Next Street Party

An easy how to guide on what to include in the festivities

Three people are standing in a kitchen. Two people, a man in a long-sleeved dark blue shirt while the woman is wearing a navy, pink and beige plaid shirt that is unbuttoned with a beige shirt underneath. Facing them is a man in a purple button up shirt that is not buttoned, with a burgundy V-neck underneath. Is is holding out his phone for them to look at something on the screen, which the couple is smiling at. On the marble countertop are papers and notebooks spread out.

7 Important Things to Know Before Hiring a Contractor

Whether you’re updating your kitchen, remodelling your bathroom or finishing your basement, here are seven things to consider when meeting with a potential contractor

A woman is sitting between two school-aged kids. She is looking down at a box that is wrapped in white paper with a large blue bow on the lid. She is smiling in surprise, and the kids are looking inside and smiling as well.

Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Show Them How Much You Care

Here’s how to show mom how much you care on May 8

An overhead view of a pair of hands on a counter. There is a circular wooden cutting board with an artichoke cut in half on it. One hand is holding half of the artichoke, with the other hand holding onto a knife and cutting down the middle. Surrounding the cutting board are two halves of another artichoke, as well as some loose asparagus, parsley, radishes and kale. There is a small white container of salt and a bottle of oil in a clear glass container is also visible.

Sweet Spring Ideas and Savings You Won't Want to Miss

With warm weather upon us, it’s time to freshen up. Whether you’re updating your wardrobe, entertaining, cooking or tidying up, here are a few ways to make the most of the season.