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How to Refresh Your Wall With Stunning Wallpaper

If you’re curious about trying the accent wall home decor trend, wallpaper is the way to go

Dark floral wallpaper behind a light wood shelving unit with fresh flowers on top

One of the easiest ways to make a statement in your home is by creating an accent wall. While out of fashion for a while, wallpaper is back, with options that are punchier and more plentiful than ever. Here’s a little pattern inspiration, plus our paper hanging tips.

Hot new patterns to try

If papering in the traditional 19th-century-inspired florals isn’t your thing, consider a more modern twist on natural motifs. Palm leaves are popular, especially in a bold 1950s Miami colour palette, while decadent peonies from designer Ellie Cashman make a bold statement.

Dark floral wallpaper with pink flowers in a living room

Faux-effect patterns like granite, marble and concrete are a trendy choice for would-be designers, while seagrass is a perennial favourite with the pros. And who needs art when you can paper a wall in an abstract mural? Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper designs swirly, marbleized patterns and ombré rolls in beautiful shades. Who knows—after doing one wall, you may feel brave enough to do all four.

A unique design using parallel lines drawn in charcoal is shown

Hanging wallpaper the low-stress way

To pull off your statement wall, follow the following tips.

When choosing a pattern, remember that stripes and random prints are the hardest types of wallpaper to hang. Unless you’re super handy, stick with pre-pasted papers. And order more rolls than you think you’ll need. Even pros make mistakes!

Once you’re ready to hang your paper, don’t skip steps. Prepare your wall with a light sanding, followed by a wipe down. Then, take the time to make sure your first sheet is perfectly straight. Watch your pressure as you go; a lighter touch ensures the material won’t stretch or rip.

Finally, don’t worry about bubbles. Puncture them with a small pin and flatten out the paper again with a sweep.


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Image credit: Courtesy of Ellie Cashman and Calico Wallpaper