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Quiz: Do You Know How to Keep Your Pet Healthy in the Heat?

Test your smarts for keeping your furry friends cool this summer, whether sunbeam-seeking cats or canine running companions

A black, brown and white dog lying on the grass smiling and panting

Just as extreme heat can have adverse effects on humans, it can also cause serious issues for furry friends. Do you know how to keep your pet happy, healthy and cool in the heat? Take our quiz to find out.


0–37%: In the Doghouse

38–69%: Pet Friendly

70–100%: One Cool Cat

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A1. D. Excessive panting, difficulty breathing and drooling; weakness, lethargy or lack of coordination; and increased heart and respiratory rates are all signs of heatstroke or overheating in pets.

A2. B. To help a pet experiencing heat-related illness, move them to a cooler spot, offer room-temperature drinking water and wet their body with lukewarm water.

A3. A. The best time to exercise outdoors with your pet during hot weather is either in the early morning or late evening, when temperatures are coolest.

A4. D. When going for a walk in hot weather, help make it more enjoyable for your pet by avoiding paved sidewalks and asphalt, choosing a shaded route, bringing plenty of drinking water (for both of you) and taking frequent breaks.

A5. D. Help protect indoor cats from hot weather by drawing the blinds, placing bowls of fresh water with a few ice cubes around the house and giving their fur a good brush.

A6. B. Safeguard outdoor cats in hot weather by checking inside sheds, garages and other structures before shutting doors so they don't get trapped inside.

A7. A. Frozen low-sodium beef or chicken broth cubes can help dogs and cats beat the heat.

A8. C. It's not safe to leave a dog in a parked car for any amount of time, even if the windows are rolled down.