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How to Stay Active Even if it’s Cold Outside

Easy ideas from CAA Club Group’s wellness consultant for keeping fit even when it’s frigid outside

A couple sit on their living room floor stretching their arms in front of a laptop

Hate winter? Love winter? Whichever camp you fall into, Joanna Marra, CAA Club Group’s wellness consultant, who is a clinical exercise physiologist, has plenty of ideas that will keep you moving—in the great outdoors or the warm confines of your living room.

Here are three ways to stay active this winter. Try these outdoor activities:

  • Go winter hiking
  • Do a home workout
  • Lean on friends to help you stay healthy


Go winter hiking

A person is shown hiking in the woods on a sunny day

Skiing, ice skating, playing hockey—participating in winter sports is a smart trade for a scheduled sweat session. “Shovelling the driveway isn’t exciting, but it is a good workout,” adds Marra. “Hiking is also beautiful during winter, or get a similar workout from just walking your dog.” If you have kids, join them in building snow people, making snow angels or having a snowball fight. “You’ll be burning calories while having fun,” she says.

Choose a jacket, pants and boots that are appropriate for the weather conditions. “Make sure you are well layered and able to maintain your body temperature,” Marra says. While doing vigorous activity, choose moisture-wicking, quick-drying layers, or something that keeps you warm even if it’s damp, like wool.

Do a home workout

A woman sits on her living room floor stretching in front of a laptop

With Covid-19, many Canadians found a new fitness groove with home workouts. “Keep that going in winter,” Marra says. Aside from cardio and weight training, she suggests varying activities to keep exercising fresh. “Give yoga a shot, because it’s calming and you don’t need any special equipment,” she says. “Pilates is also great.”

If you’re itching to be back in the gym but are still wary of using public spaces, consider purchasing a few pieces of fitness equipment, like a set of dumbbells, a resistance band and a mat for home use. “You can get a full body workout with just these three multi-purpose items, and they don’t take up a lot of space,” she says.

Lean on friends to help you stay healthy

A woman is shown having a video chat on her phone

If hibernation mode is making movement difficult, tap your inner circle to keep you accountable. “Share your fitness goal with your support system and touch base with them daily or create challenges,” she says. “Write down why you want to live a healthier lifestyle. Journalling can help you stay motivated.”

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