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Use These Expert Tips for Your Next Painting Project

We talked to a Dulux Paints insider about how to freshen up our homes with a professional-looking paint job

A man paints a white wall a teal blue colour

There are few things more satisfying than a freshly painted room. If you’re pining for a home project, why not paint it yourself? We spoke with Robert McDonald, senior marketing manager for Dulux Paints, to get the expert scoop.

Invest in the right tools

According to McDonald, a paint job is only as good as the tools you use. “If you want to paint like a professional, invest in professional tools,” he advises.

Too often DIY-ers end up using shoddy brushes and patching products that have been sitting in their garage for 10 years. 

“People try to cut corners by using cheap applicators that they can chuck after one use, but it shows in the end result,” McDonald says. “Besides, good tools, like a decent roller sleeve, improve with age if you clean them well and look after them.”

One of the most valuable tools a painter can purchase is an extension pole, adds McDonald.

“An adjustable extension pole will help you get a much better result, with less effort and you’ll be finished way faster,” he says. “You can roll walls top to bottom, you can roll ceilings without getting on a ladder. Your only question will be—why did nobody tell me it was this easy?”

Spend time on the prep

And as with most DIY projects, the better the prep, the better the experience. “Start with a decent cotton drop cloth instead of a plastic one,” McDonald says. “It’s absorbent, not as slippery and it’ll save you from having to clean paint off your wooden floors and heirloom sofa.” 

When it comes to prepping your walls––patching cracks and defects––take your time and be patient. “When you start anything badly, it’s difficult to recover,” he says. “The smoother your walls are to start with, the smoother your walls will be when you’re done.” 

Consult with an expert

There’s a lot to consider when painting one’s own home––how much paint to purchase, what materials you’ll need, which technique best suits your goals––and McDonald encourages DIY-ers to lean on Dulux experts for guidance and support.

“Collectively, our staff has over 6,500 years of experience in the paint business,” he says. “You can find tips online, but nothing beats a friendly expert talking you through the process.”

And perhaps even helping you with the most important decision of all: which shade, Cool Cantaloupe or Chinese Porcelain?

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