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How to Use the Colour of the Year in Your Home

Spice things up with paint maker Dulux’s vibrant Chinese Porcelain

Bedroom with blue walls, white sheets, an orange accent pillow and two white lamps on the night stands on either side of the bed

Blue is often voted the world’s favourite colour,  likely because we associate it with sky and sea, and because it makes us feel calm and restored. Colour therapy is not new—even the ancient Egyptians believed in the healing properties of different hues—and blue is a popular antidote to our fast-paced digital era. That’s why paint brand Dulux has selected Chinese Porcelain as its 2020 colour of the year.

It’s a strain of blue that embodies both verve and calm. “Chinese Porcelain is a rich and traditional hue that combines the energy and brightness of cobalt blue with a muted, dark navy tone, emitting a feeling of restfulness and hope,” says Mitsu Dhawan, brand manager at Dulux Paints.

This is a colour that reflects the spirit of our time, Dhawan adds. “We’re future-gazing, yet focused on sustainability; entrenched in technology, yet yearning for stability and a sense of richness.” Beyond its emotional appeal, Chinese Porcelain has aesthetic versatility, and works as a natural complement to wood tones, metallics and the ever-jubilant orange. This is a hue that’s easily integrated into a home, Dhawan says, whether your style skews traditional or ultra modern. Get inspired by these tips on folding the colour into your decor.

Pair it with bold colours and metallic hues

Bathroom sink with a plant, cotton balls, cotton swabs and a diffuser sitting next to it

Blues and oranges are a winning combination: they always get along. Consider a throw pillow the colour of persimmon or a rug with threads of zingy citrus in a room painted Chinese  Porcelain. For smaller accents, an orange ceramic vase or an orange-jacketed coffee-table book will do.

Pair it with crisp white linens in the bedroom or set it off with soft ivory towels in the bathroom. Mix this decadent blue with the brightness and sheen of in-vogue metallics, whether headboard sized or smaller. Orange not your colour? Use this blue with lush drapes or velvet pillows in warm saffron and turmeric tones instead.

Use it in a bathroom or on your deck

Two wooden patio short lounging chairs and a table all painted blue outside on the deck

Everyone loves a decadent powder room, and Chinese Porcelain packs a punch in small spaces. Pops of brass, either in faucets or light sconces, bring opulence. Maximalists might consider a gilt-framed mirror for ultimate drama.

Natural materials such as wood and rattan have gained popularity for their warmth and nostalgic qualities. For the first time, Dulux Paints has announced a stain colour of the year for 2020: Teak, a warm, semi-transparent medium brown that offers a perfect complement to Chinese Porcelain. “It has a 1970s retro vibe with a richness that fits today’s world and a raw, organic feel that brings out the best of that inky cobalt blue,” Dhawan says. Stain a deck in Teak, then add Chinese Porcelain solid-stained chairs for the ideal spot to relax. Complete the scheme with exterior walls painted in a sandy colour that plays up the warm undertones of Teak.

Apply it in both traditional and modern rooms

Whether your style skews traditional or eclectic, you can bring out the richness of this deep blue with various colour combinations. Blue and white was used on Chinese pottery in the ninth century and continues to be a popular choice among contemporary ceramicists. Why not pair Chinese Porcelain with bright, crisp Moonlit Snow on crown mouldings and trim to pay homage to its heritage? Lovers of high-wattage colour may want to set off this inky blue with a shade of chartreuse. Paint a sideboard in Grass Daisy to put in a Chinese Porcelain room. Teal tones look beautiful with blue; together, they conjure the many shades of the sea. Consider Teal Bayou with Chinese Porcelain for an effect that’s as dramatic and unpredictable as a coastal view.

Bring it home!

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