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Enjoy a chicken dinner at home that you won’t have to cook yourself while also saving 15 per cent

A family sits at the dinner table helping themselves to food from takeout containers

With office parties and other festive shindigs on hold this holiday season, restaurants need our support more than ever. CAA Members can save at hundreds of restaurant locations across Canada, which means discounts on your favourite takeout meals.

Make a plan

If you know you’re going to be ordering takeout this season, maximize your savings with the purchase of The Ultimate Dining Card®. CAA Members can save 5 per cent when they order The Ultimate Dining Card online, as well as free standard shipping. The card can then be redeemed at more than 10 different restaurants with over 1,000 locations.

Take out for less

Not only can you save 5 per cent by purchasing The Ultimate Dining Card online by using your CAA card; you can also save 10 per cent on your meal when you order online or through the restaurants mobile app at Swiss Chalet, Montana's, Kelseys, East Side Mario's and Harvey's. Tuck into everything from Swiss Chalet’s Festive Special® to Montana’s pulled pork and smokey baked beans to East Side Mario’s hand-breaded Chicken Parmigiana and Kelseys Original Roadhouse classic nachos. Order your meal by phone, online or through each of the restaurant’s apps with your Ultimate Dining Card.

Mix and match

Maybe there’s a hearty salad or a sweet treat you’d like alongside the main dish you’re making. Consider adding the Signature sweet chili chicken bites from Milestones or an order or two of fries from New York Fries—which reheat well at home—to the steaks you’re grilling at home. Takeout adds variety to our weekly meals, and answers the eternal question of “what’s for dinner?”

The whole nine yards

And sometimes, we want the whole restaurant experience but at home. A wholesome and comforting meal, like a shepherd’s pie from Fionn MacCool’s, might be exactly what we need to carry us through the busy, holiday season. The shepherd’s pie family bundle comes with a variety of delicious sides, as well as chicken strips for the kids to nosh on. The only finger you’ll have to lift is the one the one to hold your fork.

Late night eats

Hankering after a burger? Harvey’s uses 100% Canadian beef for its angus burger with cheese and bacon among other offerings. (Try its new plant-based burger if you’re looking for a vegan option.) Some locations have a drive-thru, as well as extended hours—with special deals—to serve your late-night cravings. (Deep fried pickles anyone?)

Order The Ultimate Dining Card today to start saving on your next take out order. CAA Members can save up to 15 per cent on their entire meal when they use the card to order their meals. Take a look at all the popular restaurants you can save at by visiting CAA or download the CAA Mobile App from Google Play or the Apple App Store.