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5 Socially Distanced Spring Break Ideas for Families

Make the most of the school break while staying close to home with these five fun ideas

A young girl is shown lying in the grass looking through red binoculars

We know spring break is usually a highly anticipated timeout in busy family schedules, with trips and activities planned months in advance. This year obviously looks a little different, but different doesn’t have to mean less fun (fun isn’t cancelled!). We’ve rounded up five awesome family-friendly—and socially distant—activities to amuse your brood, all close to home.

  • Visit a local conservation area
  • Take a virtual trip to the Toronto Zoo
  • Plan a scavenger hunt
  • Host a virtual cooking session
  • Set up an indoor campout


Visit a local conservation area

A goat is shown peeking through a wood fence

Many conservation areas are open for walking, hiking, bird-watching and even cycling. Albion Hills in Caledon, Mountsberg in Campbellville and Crawford Lake in Milton for example, all boast spectacular views, animal sightings and excellent trails. Be sure to check the website for the park you intend to visit before you go; some parks require reservations to ensure physical distancing by limiting the number of people allowed in at the same time.

Take a virtual trip to the Toronto Zoo

A guerilla is shown on all four limbs with greenery in the background

While the Toronto Zoo remains closed to visitors, the Zoo Connectionz virtual program offers a number of “Zoo to you” options. Perfect for young animal lovers—or a rainy day—choose from a 40-minute virtual visit to an area of the zoo or a 15-minute visit with an animal ambassador. Add a cute animal craft or snack and you’ve created a theme day! (When the Toronto Zoo reopens for in-person visits, don’t forget that CAA Members get 10% off regular-priced admission at the gate.)

Plan a scavenger hunt

A chalkboard shaped like an arrow reads "Scavenger Hunt Starts Here"

Create clues for landmarks or objects in your home or even in your neighbourhood. Then split into teams and head out in search of the items. Snap photos of the items with your cellphone so that you’re not picking anything up.

Host a virtual cooking session

A father and daughter are shown in a kitchen with vegetables on the counter

We aren’t having dinner parties anytime soon, but we can still share a meal. Book a time with friends or family, choose a recipe to make from each of your homes and enjoy your dish “together” over a video call. You don’t even have to go to the grocery store—just order your ingredients online through INABUGGY—where Members save $10 when they order online.

Set up an indoor campout

A parent and child are shown reading a book together in a tent set up in a bedroom

Bust out the camping gear and set up a tent indoors. Pile pillows and sleeping bags inside, tell ghost stories or watch a movie and make microwave s’mores. Want to level up? Get your hands on a nightlight that projects stars on the ceiling to complete the experience.

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Image Credit: Tgordievskaya/iStock, Scott MacQuarrie/Alamy, Courtesy of the Toronto Zoo, Gareth Webb/iStock, eggeeggjiew/iStock, monkeybusinessimages/iStock