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How to Enjoy Family Day at Home with CAA’s Rewards Partners

With Family Day approaching on February 15, here’s how you can enjoy it at home with your loved ones

A family has a snowball fight in front of their house with a snowman in the foreground

With millions of us staying home, it’s time to start planning for Family Day, and CAA’s Rewards partners can help you save while making it fun and memorable for the whole family.

Make a meal together

A family prepares a meal together in the kitchen

When it comes to making tacos, there can never be too many cooks in the kitchen. Put in an online order for groceries and go beyond a standard taco kit with tomatillos, fresh green chilies, avocados and cilantro. Divvy up the chopping and sautéing, then come together to feast on your tasty tacos.

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Clear space for a puzzle project

A child holds a large handful of puzzle pieces

There’s nothing like a 1,000-piece puzzle to get a family working together. Whether it’s a picture of a hot air balloon, Santorini at sunset or a map of the world, find a spot where the puzzle can be set up for a few days (without getting knocked over).

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Bust out the board games

Two parents play chess while their child looks on

Charades? Scrabble? Chess? Family game time is another way to make a long weekend feel special. Engage in friendly competition with classics like Clue or embark on a cross-continent adventure with Ticket to Ride and see who can travel by rail to the most cities in North America in just seven days.

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Enjoy a movie night (or two)

A family of five is shown from behind while they lie on the floor and watch a movie in their living room

These days, with everyone glued to individual devices, it’s a welcome respite to enjoy a film communally. Up the fun quotient by making it a theme night. Pick an ‘80s classic like Stand by Me, Back to the Future or Flashdance—don’t forget to don some leg warmers and wear some neon apparel! Fill the house with that buttered popcorn smell with a vintage popcorn cart, and add a fizzy drink and you’re basically all at the movies.

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Spend time outdoors

A family is shown playing in the snow, with sleds nearby

Play is essential at all ages, especially when it’s outside. If you have a backyard, get out there! Or head to your nearest green space. No one is too old for hide and seek and a good run around will lift everyone’s spirits. If there’s snow, grab a snowball launcher and an inflatable snow tube. The children will be happy, as will the child in you.

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