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4 Ways to Winterize Your Home

How to prepare for winter at home using your CAA Membership

An orange shovel pushing through snow on the ground by someone wearing black pants and black boots.

Courtesy of Dnet (iStock)

Keep out the cold
Check for drafts along windows, doors, vents, siding and shingles. Caulk any leaks, weatherstrip doors and windows, and seal exterior wood. CAA Members save 25% on Dulux paints and earn 3% in CAA Dollars®. Plus, save 10% on accessories.
Watch your water 
Turn off the valve to outdoor water faucets, and then drain any liquid left in the hose and pipe that might otherwise freeze and burst. Visit caasco.com/insurance/home for more details.
Prep for snow removal 
Don’t wait until the first major winter storm to buy snow removal tools for your driveway and walkways. Make sure you have a durable shovel and rock salt. Or hire someone to take care of your snow removal. CAA Members earn 10% in CAA Dollars at Cub Cadet online for snow blowers and more.
Going away? 
Leaving for more than four days? Turn off the main water valve and drain the pipes to avoid freezing. Consider installing a temperature-sensor alarm. And if you can arrange it, have someone check your home every day.

Winterize your home

Visit caasco.com/partners to find other CAA Rewards® Partners that can help with winter prep around your home.