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Must-Try Ideas to Delight the Neighbours at Your Street Party

An easy how to guide on what to include in the festivities

A dozen people are standing around a rectangular table covered with a light pink plastic tablecloth. On the table are stacks of paper cups that have red or blue and white stripes, as well as solid red cups. There is a yellow chip bowl, as well as a glass container with a pink drink with slices of lemon in it. Also on the table is an open box of pizza and a slice of watermelon cut into triangles. There is a mix of people standing around the table, including adults and young kids. Some are holding drinks with striped straws in them, others are eating watermelon and pizza.

A community event is a great way to get to know your neighbours, establish new friendships and develop a sense of belonging in your area.

This summer is the perfect time to start—or revive—the annual family-friendly street party. Here are seven activities to liven things up.

Group garage sale

Kick-off the day with a street sale. It’s an easy way to get people out and about early and creates a social atmosphere on your street.

Invite everyone in the local area to participate, whether as a seller or a shopper.

Hand out flyers or post on community bulletin boards and social media groups to get the word out.

Bicycle parade

Encourage children to participate in a two-wheeled parade, where they can decorate their rides and show off their flair while cycling in unison.

Find a safe route away from traffic and make sure those taking part follow the rules of the road, including using proper hand signals.

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Kid-friendly competitions

Egg-and-spoon races, sponge relays and water-balloon tosses are popular outdoor activities that are sure to excite and energize the little ones.

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Sponsored events

Local businesses, shops, restaurants, realtors and city councillors may want to participate to meet and connect with members of the community.

Ask organizations to sponsor free coffee and popsicle stands or offer complimentary face painting for the kids.

And if you’re planning to feed volunteers, takeout is always a good option.

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And the winner is

Host a competition for the tastiest dip or the best decorated cake and have neighbours vote for the winner.

Encourage everyone to participate but keep social distancing in mind as well as health and safety practices like hand sanitizing.

Outdoor theatre

Once the sun sets, bring out a projector and speaker for a screening of a family-friendly movie.

A light-coloured wall, garage door or sheet strung across a fence or between two trees is an easy alternative to a screen.

Get the popcorn ready and encourage movie-goers to bring their own comfy chairs and blankets for the ultimate viewing experience.

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Buy or borrow a karaoke machine or portable speaker for a fun time singing your heart out.

Whether you have a teenager who loves pop music or a preschooler who likes The Wiggles, everyone can find something to belt out.

Or consider hosting a talent show, where kids—and adults—can show off their unique skills.

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Organize the event of the year with these activities to celebrate the summer season.

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