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Stacks of electronics are seen piled in a recycling center

Your Guide to Recycling Electronics

Phones don’t belong in landfills. Here’s what to do with your old cells, MP3 players, computers and more.

Power outage essentials seen on a table including a lit candle, jugs of water, a first aid kit, a lantern, a wireless CD player, a deck of cards and two lit flashlights

10 Must-Haves to Prepare for a Power Outage

Don’t be left in the dark—make sure you’re prepared with these 10 necessities

An overhead photo of four people sitting on a red checkered blanket on the grass having a picnic. They have a cut watermelon in front of them with two other plates of food, as well as individual yellow bowls in front of each of them.

Four Amazing Family-Friendly Ideas for Summer Fun

Make the most of the season with these fun activities and savings from CAA’s Rewards partners