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A smiling woman with long wavy brown hair is in side profile. She is holding a puppy that has a mix of white and dark and light brown turn with its nose touching her nose.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Adopting Versus Buying a Pet?

If your family is on the lookout for a furry new member, here’s what you need to know about adopting a rescue pup versus buying from a breeder

A young girl sitting at a desk with one knee under her chin facing a laptop. There is a bed behind her with several decorative throw pillows in shades of grey and beige, as well as a fluffy pink one. In front of her is a clip board and two coffee cups.

4 Ways to Organize your Dorm Room this School Year

From adding storage to investing in lighting, here’s how to turn your dorm room into a cozy, functional space

A school-age boy wearing a yellow button up shirt and a pair of white and silver headphones is sitting in front of an open laptop at a desk. He is waving at the screen.

Save Money and Earn Rewards When Shopping for Back to School

Unlock exclusive deals and discounts for school supplies, new clothes and more with your CAA Membership

A white and beige kitten is sleeping on a checkered white, blue and red blanket, while a small, sleeping brown dog with pointy ears is lying on top of the kitten with its face.

What To Do If Your Pet Is Itching Because Of Allergies

Dogs and cats can develop allergies to their food, something in their environment and even to bug bites. Here’s what to look out for—and what kind of treatment may be necessary.

A man and a young child playing with a beagle puppy

What First-time Pet Owners Should Know Before Bringing Home a New Dog or Cat

Adding a new pet to a household is exciting, but there’s also a lot that first-time dog and cat owners should consider before bringing a new furry friend home

A woman sits in front of her laptop with a small black dog on her lap

5 Ways to Improve Your Work from Home Routine

A year into the pandemic, many people are still working from home—some permanently. Here are five ways to maintain that work/life balance and stay motivated.

A dark brown rabbit is shown eating a leafy celery stick held by a woman

Why It’s Okay to Give These Foods to Your Pet

Fruits and vegetables are critical to a healthy diet for people, but what about pets? Here’s what you need to know about feeding your furry friends from your own plate.

A mother holds a bouquet of white tulips while sitting on a couch with her daughter

We’ve Made Mother’s Day a Little Easier with this Gift Guide

We’ve got Mother’s Day gift ideas for every mom, from new moms to grandmas, mothers-in-law to aunts

A cat is shown sleeping next to a person wearing stripped socks

4 Important Ways to Take Care of Yourself this Month

There’s so much to juggle these days, it’s important to make time for yourself

A young girl is shown lying in the grass looking through red binoculars

Here are Some Great Ideas for Spring Break this Year

Make the most of the school break while staying close to home with these five fun ideas