Nothing is worth risky driving. Drive Safely.

Cars in traffic

Risk isn't just the name of a board game played by kids and adults alike; it's also a dangerous and costly position that millions of aggressive drivers put themselves in every day. While many engage in high risk driving without thinking twice, this type of behavior can have liable consequences such as increased insurance premiums and even cancelled policies.

Dangerous Realities

In 2006, over 2 million Canadian displayed aggressive driving behaviors, while 2.7 million admitted to frequently driving well over the speed limit. Even more shocking, 2 million admitted to speeding up in order to get through a red light, while 670,000 reported that they liked to take risks just for the fun of it¹.

With statistics like these it is to no avail that many drivers are labeled as high-risk drivers therefore receiving high premiums from their insurance providers.

¹ The Road Safety Monitor 2006: Aggressive Driving Report released by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)

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