CAA's Total Loss Promise

CAA Insurance stands behind our commitment to you, our Policyholder, throughout the handling of your total loss claim. We have experienced and knowledgeable Total Loss Specialists to guide you through the claim process and who are dedicated to offering you a fair and accurate value for your vehicle.

We deliver this commitment on every total loss claim by:

  • Communicating promptly and professionally throughout the claim process
  • Assigning a knowledgeable and experienced Total Loss Specialist to your claim
  • Helping you move your vehicle to a safe, storage-free facility
  • Guaranteeing a prompt and realistic turnaround time for settlement
  • Offering a fair settlement based on the market value of your vehicle
  • Providing a rental extension, should your policy cover this option
  • Offering you CAA retail locations as a convenient option for picking up your settlement cheque
  • Guiding you to helpful tools to assist you in finding a replacement vehicle

A Total Loss Specialist will contact you immediately upon notification that your vehicle is deemed a total loss and will remain accountable for your claim from beginning to end, keeping you informed throughout the process.

We will help you move your vehicle to a safe, storage-free facility, usually a salvage dealer, to avoid any excessive storage fees charged by some body shops or tow yards. Please be assured that your vehicle is not being disposed of, just being moved to avoid unnecessary expenses that end up costing you more. Should you choose, we can assist with the retrieval of your personal items and license plates.

Within 3 business days from the time we are notified that your vehicle has been deemed a total loss, we will provide you with the value of your vehicle. Our certified appraisers research the market value of your vehicle taking into consideration its age, mileage, condition before the incident, and knowledge of the local car market. The final figure provided by the appraiser forms the basis of the settlement value given to you. It will be made clear to you precisely how much you will receive and we will explain any adjustments, such as your policy deductible, if applicable.

We will ask for the original vehicle documents before settling your claim: the registration document, Purchase or Lease Agreement, service records, keys, and details of any outstanding finance liens. Original documents are required to confirm the correct year, make and model of the vehicle and the vehicle's registered owner.

Under the optional Loss of Use endorsement, the rental vehicle must be returned the day the settlement offer is made by the insurer. However, if required, CAA Insurance will pay for a rental vehicle for up to 4 additional days commencing on the day you are advised of the settlement amount.

In the event of a Total Loss claim, you may want to replace your vehicle. CAA recommends that you start researching your replacement vehicle, which will expedite the replacement of your vehicle and the return of the rental vehicle, if applicable. CAA provides a wealth of helpful information and tools to assist you with your search.

To allow for quick and easy drop off of your vehicle documents and pickup of your settlement cheque, you may choose to use one of our CAA retail locations. We will advise you of the location nearest you and your settlement cheque will arrive at that location within 2 business days from the time of settlement. You will be required provide the signed ownership of the vehicle, all keys to the vehicle and sign the Proof of Loss form accompanying the settlement cheque. The CAA agent at the location will provide you with your settlement cheque. The only exception to this service is with leased vehicles where the settlement cheque will be forwarded to the leasing company directly.

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