Keep your identity safe

Add Identity Theft to your CAA Property Insurance Policy.

Identity theft involves securing pieces of an individual's personal information and using this information to impersonate the individual. Once an identity has been “stolen”, it can be used to commit a forgery or fraud for financial gain. Thieves could use this personal information to obtain credit cards or loans in your name, obtain a cellular phone, deplete your bank account or even purchase a car or home in your name.

The consequences of dealing with identity theft could be far-reaching. As a result of identity theft, you may be threatened by lawsuits, have your wages garnished or have liens put on your home. It could take numerous months to resolve issues related to identity theft and occupy a great deal of your time (writing letters, visiting lawyers and making phone calls). Additionally, you may need to incur the costs of a notary public in order to prove your own identity!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can CAA Insurance help?

If you are an existing Property Insurance customer with CAA, we can provide you with additional identity theft protection in the form of an Identity Theft Rider (P135) - an addition to your existing Property Insurance policy. It provides you with indemnity as a result of illegal and unauthorized use of credit cards and illegal and unauthorized transfer or removal of funds from Internet accessed bank accounts.

I'm already protected by my Credit Card company

Though your credit card company will offer protection for identity theft, it may not completely cover your losses. CAA's coverage is in excess of coverage under your credit card coverage and even in excess of your standard home insurance policy.

Do I really need it? What sort of costs would be covered?

The short answer is yes. For a nominal fee you'll receive protection and cost coverage for a number of expenses, which you could incur. From coverage of long distance telephone expenses (such as calling collection agencies) to notary fees and reasonable legal costs for defence against lawsuits, the additional CAA coverage provides you with protection that goes above and beyond what other coverages may offer.

What other costs are covered?

CAA's Identity Theft Rider provides you with additional coverage should you become a victim of identity theft. Even lost wages that directly result from time away from work to deal with matters pertaining to an identity theft can be covered.

Give me the numbers

The math is simple. For just $25 per year, you'll receive identity theft coverage for up to $15,000 with $0 deductible. This additional coverage is available on a wide variety of CAA Property Insurance policies and can be added to your policy with a simple phone call.

To find out more or to purchase the Identity Theft Rider, please call us at 1-877-222-1717.