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Many automakers now offer their own roadside assistance plans for car owners. But these Manufacturer's Roadside Assistance Plans (MRAPs) may not have you covered as thoroughly as your CAA membership.

CAA membership goes the distance against MRAPs because your membership extends far beyond streets and highways. Before putting the brakes on your CAA membership, check out these important differences:

Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Manufacturer's Roadside Assistance Plans (MRAPs)
Membership applies to you, not just your car. You receive roadside assistance even if you're a passenger in another vehicle. There are three types of memberships to choose from. Most plans only cover your car for the duration of your vehicle's limited warranty, which is usually between three to five years, and has mileage caps.
In the event of a breakdown, your Membership covers a tow to your preferred destination (within mileage limitations). Expect a tow to the nearest manufacturer dealership, even if it's not your preferred destination.
Roadside Problem Solving
To get you going faster and to save time, CAA will come to your rescue with a light-duty vehicle and a qualified service person to repair your vehicle at the side of the road. If your vehicle can't be repaired, we'll ensure you and your vehicle are delivered safely to the location of your choice. Not offered.
Battery service
Battery Assist is a mobile service that provides accurate battery testing that will eliminate any guesswork on whether you need a boost to get you back on the road quickly, or if you need replacement service. Even if the repair required is not covered by your warranty, such as new tires or a new battery, most plans will still tow the vehicle to a dealership rather than to a more cost-effective repair facility.
Free Member benefits
  • Maps
  • TripTiks®
  • Most TourBooks
  • CAA Magazine and CAA Magazine Online
  • eLetter CAA's monthly online newsletter
  • Trip Accident Assistance
Not offered
CAA Dollars®

Every time you swipe your CAA membership card at participating partner locations, you can earn up to 20% back in CAA Dollars.

Our CAA Dollars® partners include:

  • Teleflora
  • ComparAction
  • Tickets Online
  • All-Purpose Realty
  • CAA Gift Card Mall
  • Programs to help you earn your membership for free
Not offered
Exclusive savings for CAA Members

As a CAA Member, you're automatically eligible to receive savings with a wide variety of partners on products and services you already use:

  • Save at our retail partner locations
  • Save online
  • Save by visiting one of our CAA Stores or calling 1-800-992-8143
Not offered
Additional CAA products and services for our Members

Full-service travel agency:

  • Travel Planning Professionals
  • Travel Bookings and Vacation Packages
  • Disney Vacations
  • Passport Photos
  • International Drivers' Permits
  • Luggage & Travel Accessories
  • Entertainment Tickets

Insurance products offered at special Member prices:

  • Auto and Property Insurance
  • Cottage and Motorhome/RV Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Pet Health Insurance
  • Emergency Travel & Medical Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Health & Dental Insurance

Consumer and technical services:

  • Approved Auto Repair Service
  • Expert Advice
  • Vehicle Inspection Service
  • Driver Training

Public and government affairs:

  • Motorist advocacy
  • Driving and the Environment
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Traffic safety
  • School Safety Patrol Programs and Seminars
  • Seminars for Senior Motorists
Not offered