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Protecting all Ontario road users.

CAA is working with the Government of Ontario to make conditions safer for everyone on our roads.

Making road safety a priority.

The Government of Ontario wants to make conditions safer for everyone travelling on the roads. They have done this by passing the Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act, 2015 in order to address road safety issues and changes to the Highway Traffic Act. The CAA Heads Up! public awareness campaign complements these changes by communicating the new road rules for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

The new laws identify better working conditions for tow truck operators, new cycling laws and for distracted driving. These changes mean that road users will need to exercise increased levels of caution, alertness and focus. In addition to the revised legislation, there are higher fines and demerit points for some of the convictions.

Distracted Driving.

Distracted driving laws have changed. Find out how they’ll affect you.

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Slow Down, Move Over.

Watch for flashing amber lights. It’s the law. Watch for flashing amber lights.

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Cycling Safety.

Cyclists and drivers are now required to follow new laws on the road.

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