You’re probably a better driver now than when you first got your licence – but would you still pass the written test? Take this quiz to find out!

Image of upside-down triangular road sign

What does this sign mean?

Image of back-view of car on the road

When approaching a stop sign at a controlled intersection, with stop signs at all corners, what do you do?

Image of police car pulling over a car

What might happen if you are pulled over for careless driving?

Image of hand on steering wheel

When do you need to inform the Ministry of Transportation that you have changed your name and address?

Image of car with headlights

On all roads – if you are using high beams for visibility, when is the advised time to switch to low beams?

Image of cars parked on hill.

When parking your car facing downhill on the right side, what is the safest option?

Image of the back of a school bus

A school bus with red signal lights flashing is stopped ahead of you. What does the law require you to do when meeting or overtaking the bus?

Image of train racing through crossing

A train is coming and you approach as the guard rail lowers. What is the distance you must stop?

Image of car driving down road

You’re driving home from dinner out with the family. What is the legal limit of alcohol that can be in your system if you are driving?

Image of speeding highway traffic

The car behind you is driving much too close, in your opinion. What should you do?

Would you still pass your driving test today?

You Got 9 out of 10. You're a driving Guru

Nice Work!

You’d definitely still pass your driving test – you’re well aware of the rules of the road. Of course, there are always new dangers and rules to be aware of.

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