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The Top 3 Travel Insurance FAQs Answered

Find out more about the most commonly misunderstood travel insurance essentials before you leave for your next getaway.

What is a
Pre-Existing Condition?

When purchasing travel medical insurance, it is important to understand conditions of the policy.

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What does the O in OHIP Mean?

We take for granted that our Ontario health card (or OHIP) covers many of our medical expenses while visiting other provinces.

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Credit Card Travel Insurance, Is it enough?

How much does your credit card really cover when you travel?

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Planning Your Travel and Understanding Your Travel Insurance Needs

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Travel Advice and Advisories

Make sure to check the Travel Advisories page for your destination at least once while planning your travel and before you travel. Safety and security may change between the date you book and your departure date, which may impact your travel insurance coverage.

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OHIP Coverage in Canada

When you're travelling in Canada, it's important to have adequate coverage. And it's not just insurance providers recommending additional coverage--OHIP recommends it too.

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OHIP Coverage outside of Canada

OHIP provides medical coverage when you're travelling inside Ontario. But when you're travelling internationally, you need to ensure you have adequate coverage.

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Emergency Medical Insurance

We offer a variety of Emergency Medical Plans.
Some of the benefits are:

  • Emergency Medical Treatment
    Applies to hospital accommodations, physician’s fees, lab tests and X-rays, private duty nursing and ambulance service.
  • Medical Repatriation
    When medically necessary, Emergency Medical Repatriation allows you to be transported safely to a medical facility for treatment, avoiding out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Return of vehicle
    If you're badly injured or hospitalized, the Return of vehicle benefit will cover reasonable expense to have you personal or rental vehicle returned, providing you that extra peace of mind.

Trip Cancellation and
Interruption Insurance

Protect your prepaid travel arrangements, just in case a situation arises that you didn't expect.

  • Trip Cancellation
    Trip Cancellation covers the non-refundable portion of your trip. So if you have to cancel for an unforeseen reason, you can get your money back.
  • Trip Interruption
    In the event your trip is interrupted, your coverage will look after items such as the cost of a return ticket if you have to return home early due an emergency.
  • BounceBack
    Have to go home to deal with an emergency? The BounceBack benefit gives you up to $2,000 towards a round-trip ticket to get you home and then back to your vacation.

From single to multi-trip plans, emergency medical to non-medical coverage options, with CAA Travel Insurance, we've got you covered.

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