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CAA Identity Protection

Identity theft is growing and thieves are becoming more sophisticated. To help our Members protect their sensitive data, CAA has partnered with Equifax® to provide CAA Identity Protection to all CAA Plus and Premier Members at no additional cost. Coverage includes WebDetect™ and Lost Wallet Assist.


CAA Members simply register their personal information such as credits cards, banking information, email address and Social Insurance Number (optional) and Equifax’s WebDetect product will monitor Internet websites suspected of buying and selling personal information and will send you an email if it locates your information on those sites.

Lost Wallet Assist

Lost Wallet Assist provides CAA Members with a single point of contact for cancelling or replacing personal documents and credit and debit cards, in case their wallet or purse is ever lost or stolen. Members can access this product by calling 1-844-642-0922.


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Equifax Complete Advantage™

In addition to CAA Plus and Premier Members receiving CAA Identity Protection at no additional cost, all CAA Members are now entitled to an exclusive discount on the Equifax Complete Advantage Plan.

Unexpected changes to one's credit information are often the first signs that Members could be at risk for identity theft or credit fraud. The Equifax Complete Advantage Plan can help provide early detection and protection against potential fraud.