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Emergency Cheque Cashing

CAA's emergency cheque cashing service enables CAA Members, who do not have sufficient cash or credit cards, to use a personal cheque to pay for emergency services and repairs at CAA-approved vehicle repair facilities or Roadside Service contract facilities. The cheque, with suitable identification, can be written to a maximum of $400 Canadian.

This program covers only emergency services and repairs necessary to put your vehicle in safe operating condition, including emergency road service, mechanical repair and/or necessary parts.

Examples of emergency repairs, services and/or parts are:

  • Installation of fuel pump, water pump, alternator, etc., necessary to put the vehicle in a safe running condition.
  • Battery or tire purchases when battery failure, tire blow-out, or tire damage cannot be repaired and there is no replacement.
  • Cost of locksmith services above the amounts covered by CAA membership.
  • Emergency fuel.
  • Emergency vehicle storage.

CAA-approved vehicle repair facility/Roadside Service Emergency Cheque Acceptance is NOT VALID for the following:

  • Body repairs and other items not essential to put the vehicle into a safe running condition.
  • Normal maintenance such as oil changes or lubrication, or any non-essential repairs that can be performed near the Member's residence.