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The Murphys

Get to know the Murphys, CAA's Favourite Family on the Move.

Have you met the Murphys? They’re the unluckiest family around! The Murphys love to travel, and when they do, they never leave home without CAA Travel Insurance1. It’s a good thing they don’t, since mishaps seem to follow them wherever they go!

Play each episode of CAA’s Travel Insurance game to see the trouble the Murphys get into – and learn how CAA always saves the day for this unlucky bunch.

Episode 1

In this first game, the Murphys take a family trip to Aruba, but their dream vacation soon turns into a nightmare! Play Meet the Murphys and follow the gang as they deal with one mishap after another.

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TipFrom Joe

Ensure your trip is a happy one and protect yourself and your loved ones against the unexpected. CAA Travel Insurance covers costs associated with a sudden illness or injury, and if your trip gets cancelled or your luggage goes missing. Ensure you travel protected – wherever you’re headed.

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