The Kingdom of Thailand is, by far, the most popular destination for tourists in southeast Asia. Thailand offers travellers a fascinating combination of breathtaking natural beauty, awe-inspiring temples, ancient ruins, bountiful shopping opportunities, pristine beaches and aromatic cuisine. With its proud history, tropical climate and renowned hospitality, the Kingdom is a never-ending source of fascination and pleasure for travellers from across the globe.

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Elephants in Thailand

I had no idea how to feed an elephant. That was not a problem. As soon as I held out the banana the elephant reached out its trunk and the banana disappeared. In no time, the elephant consumed an entire bunch of bananas. The highlight was an elephant ride. We sat on a bench secured to the back of the elephant. It was like sitting on a perpetual motion park bench. The driver indicated that he would take my picture while I sat on the elephant's neck. I still have that picture in an elephant frame, my wife is on the bench and I am on the elephant's neck. It was exhilarating to ride on the neck of an elephant!

Submitted by:
Helen G., Burlington