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4 things you probably didn't know about your CAA Membership.

Jordan May 25, 2017
Mechanic fixing a car engine with a socket wrench.
Besides our towing services, do you really know what kind of assistance you get access to as a CAA Member?  To better educate our Members on how best to make use of our services, we thought we’d take this opportunity to explain them in greater detail.

Battery Service.

Many of us have experienced the distress that comes with realizing our car battery has died; turning your key to no response from your vehicle is something every car owner dreads.

Did you know that we can test your battery, print out a diagnostic report and even delivery and install a CAA Battery if a replacement is needed? Delivery and installation are included in the price!

If your service call results in the purchase of one of our batteries, it won’t count towards your annual roadside service call allotment.

Is your battery already running low? Do yourself a favour and get a replacement quote today!

Vehicle Lock-out Service.

Accidentally lock your keys inside your car? Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. But if it happens to you, give CAA a call and we’ll send a technician over to help.

If it so happens that your keys become lost or broken or the service agent can’t unlock your door himself, we’ll dispatch a locksmith or reimburse you for their service. 

Our service agents can usually get the job done, but if you think your case is a special or unusual one, you can feel confident knowing we’ve still got you covered.

Emergency Fuel Delivery.

Running out of fuel isn’t as uncommon as you might think. If you weren’t able to fill up in time, CAA’s Emergency Fuel Delivery service will provide you with enough to make it to the next available service station.

But here’s what most people don’t know: in certain situations (like if you’re really out of the way) a tow may be provided to a facility where fuel is available.

Basic Members are charged the current pump price, but Plus or Premier Members receive their fuel at no charge! Not a bad reason to upgrade if you’re still on the fence.

Extrication/Winching Service.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you require extrication or winching, CAA will provide the additional manpower, special equipment and extra vehicles to help get you driving again (if you can be reached safely from a normally-travelled road, of course).

Depending on the circumstances, Basic Members may be responsible for the associated costs, but Plus Members are always covered for an additional vehicle and operator for up to one hour at the scene.

These are just a few benefits, and we haven’t even talked about how we cover your bicycles, motorcycles, RV’s etc! As you can see, being a Member gets you more than just a few tows every year. Whether you need a battery jump/replacement, help gaining access to your vehicle, a fuel top-up or specialized towing equipment, CAA will be there to help get you back on the road. With comprehensive service like this, it’s no wonder why we have the trust of more than 2 million Canadians.

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