Are you Battery Savvy Take Our Car Battery Quiz and Find Out

Lisa Boynton June 19, 2019

Let’s not beat around the bush here, if your car battery dies, you’re going nowhere fast!

You may have the car packed, your route planned out and a full tank of gas, but it’s your trusty battery that brings your vehicle to life and gets you going before anything else.

So, how much do you think you know about your car battery?

Take our short and fun quiz to find out! It should take you less than three minutes to do and we think you might learn a few things about your car battery that you didn’t know before.

Are you Battery Savvy? Take the Quiz.

How Did You Do?

Let us know in the comments section below and share this quiz to see how battery savvy your friends and family are.

Membership Perk- CAA’s Battery Program.

If you’re concerned about your battery or have any questions, don’t forget, as a CAA Member you can use one of your roadside service calls to have a CAA Battery technician come to where you and your vehicle are to check your battery for you1.

That’s right!

Give us a call at: 1-833-771-3395 to set up a test at no additional charge.

Summer is here and we wish everyone safe and happy travels. Let us help make sure that you’re safely on the road!

+ Terms and Conditions

1CAA mobile Battery Service Member benefit subject to availability by geographical area. Call: 1-833-771-3395 for location details.

2 This will count as one (1) service call unless a new battery is purchased at the time of the call. However, an unsuccessful battery service that results in a towing service call, will count as a single service call.