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Car safety inspection benefits you need to know.

CAA Auto Advice December 30, 2019
Female mechanic showing a female customer the underbody of a car on a lift in a garage.

Chances are, if you know anyone who’s ever owned a vehicle in their life, you’ve heard some sort of horror story about a nefarious mechanic or auto shop needlessly hoovering dollar bills from a person’s wallet with the vigor of a teenager hoovering up his dinner after hockey practice. 

We’re here to assure you that, while some of those stories may be true, they are further and farther between than ever before. The modern motorist is likely to be well informed and, in the age of social media, any financial chicanery is likely to be broadcast loudly and immediately. In fact, car owners should be taking their cars to a mechanic with the same mindset in which they take themselves to the doctor for a check-up.

The benefits for doing so, just like for yourself, are vast. Just like a good doctor, a trained automotive technician can spot potential problems before they become disaster areas. That slight squeak you barely notice on the morning commute? That could be your brake pads wearing down to their replacement indicators. Fixing the issue promptly could mean the difference in simply popping for a new set of pads instead of having to pony up for brake discs as well. After all, once a car’s brake pads have worn to their metal nubbins, they start to carve expensive grooves in the brake system’s rotors, necessitating their replacement. Catching this problem early will surely save you money.

With winter fast approaching (and having already arrived in some provinces), there’s never been a better time to take your car in for a quick check-up and inspection. At the very least, ask your mechanic to give your car the once over while it is up on the rack getting its winter tires mounted (you do have winter tires, right?). Requesting a visual inspection of suspension components and exhaust pipes, for example, can identify potential problems that can either be taken care of in the moment or planned for down the road. The latter approach also allows one to sock away a bit of money for the repair, lessening the financial sting when a bill appears.

CAA Auto Advice.

Having a trusted mechanic is great but not everyone has a person of that nature in their contact list. Here’s where we can help. The CAA-Approved Auto Repair Services (AARS) program identifies auto repair facilities that meet stringent CAA standards for quality service at fair prices. Whether you are purchasing a used vehicle or just want to be proactive about car care, CAA’s 139-point Vehicle Inspection Service is a thorough, affordable, and objective way to spot potential problems before they become headaches.

The technicians whom we have selected are fully qualified and will provide an unbiased safety report in addition to a technical computer scan of your car’s electrical guts. This allows the tech to provide you with a comprehensive report of the results. Each vehicle is then road tested to check for any abnormalities or performance issues that may not have reared their head during visual and technical inspections.

Reliable and trustworthy service has never been so easy to find.

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Written by: Matthew Guy.