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Get your RV ready for spring - RV checklist.

Danielle Williams May 16, 2017
An RV vehicle driving into the sunset with a forest on the left.
The leaves on the trees have started to bud and the grass is getting greener, so you know spring is in the air. After months of not being on the road, your RV is probably covered with a plastic tarp and parked in storage. But with the warmer weather approaching, it’s finally time to bring out the RV for another season full of weekend getaways, summer road trips, camping and more.

To ensure your vehicle is ready for the first road trip, you need to make sure there is no damage from the harsh winter and you need to perform a detailed spring inspection. We have the perfect RV Checklist to get your wheels on the road for worry-free fun this spring and summer.
An RV checklist created by CAA South Central Ontario.

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