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Swapping your winter tires for summer rubber.

Danielle Williams April 02, 2018
Close up of tire on the road.
The roads are starting to dry from snow and the trees are beginning to bud, so you know spring is upon us. Even though spring weather is unpredictable, you’re probably wondering when is the right time to take off your winter tires and put on your summer or all-season wheels.

Changing your winter tires to summer rubber is something that should be done every year. But when is the right time to do it?

Most experts agree, when the weather is consistently above 7 degrees Celsius you should switch your winter tires. The main reason for changing tires every season is primarily for better traction, which makes your vehicle safer to drive. Waiting too long to remove your winter tires can be damaging to your wheels because the tread materials of the tires are meant to keep a grip of the road during icy and cold temperatures and not dry and warm pavement. Meaning, too much heat from the pavement on a winter tire isn’t good as they won’t grip the road.

Summer or all-season tires are made of a hard rubber compound, which is designed for heat on the roads and asphalt. Also, by switching out your tires you are increasing the ‘life expectancy’ of each tire and their ability to provide the right amount of grip while driving. When you are ready to swap out your tires, be sure to do a thorough inspection and use the proper tools and or services to get your tires ready for the road. Heads up, when installing summer tires back onto your vehicle, make sure both the back side of the wheel and the mounting surface on the vehicle hub is clean of any corrosion, debris or dirt.

For more helpful tips to get your car spring-ready for the road check this video for steps to get your vehicle prepared so you can get out there and welcome spring!