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How a “Slow Down Please” Sign Can Help Keep Your Community Safe

Deidre Plotnick May 27, 2022
Slow Down Please sign on front lawn
Keeping road users safe has always been a priority at CAA. From advocating for infrastructure priorities and tow truck driver safety to leading school zone safety programs and educating the public, CAA has been focused on road safety since 1903. Since 2020, CAA has been helping make neighbourhood streets safer by distributing “Slow Down Please” lawn signs. These brightly coloured signs available from your local CAA Store are designed to remind drivers to slow down in residential neighbourhoods This initiative has proved to be so popular, that CAA South Central Ontario is now bringing it back for its third year.

As speeding continues in neighbourhoods, community participation is even more important.

According to a recent poll by CAA, speeding on residential streets is one of the top driving behaviours Canadians see as a serious threat to their safety. The same report says that 81 percent of drivers witnessed others speeding and 42 percent of motorists admitted to speeding themselves.

As we start to spend more time outdoors in warmer weather, there will be an increase in pedestrians and cyclists on our streets. You can help to make your community safer by participating in CAA’s “Slow Down Please” program.

Support community safety by posting a “Slow Down Please” sign on your lawn.

CAA is offering two FREE “Slow Down Please” signs* for South Central Ontario residents to post on their lawns. By putting your sign in a spot that’s visible to motorists, you can help remind them to slow down in your neighbourhood. 

You can pick up your signs at your local CAA Store. Want to get even more involved?  You can partner with CAA to help distribute the “Slow Down Please” lawn signs in your community by contacting lawnsign@caasco.ca.

You can also keep your communities safe by following these road safety tips.

For drivers:

Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid distractions like texting, adjusting your GPS or changing radio stations. Distracted driving not only puts you and others at risk, but it also comes with serious consequences such as fines, demerit points and licence suspension.

Yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. Slow down if you see someone near a crosswalk. Stop if you see someone already on one.

Drive slowly through community safety zones and residential areas. Watch for pedestrians and cyclists crossing roads and children darting out from between parked cars.

Keep a safe distance from cyclists. It’s the law: motorists must keep at least one-metre distance when passing a cyclist.

Be patient. Pedestrians with disabilities, children or seniors crossing the road may need more time.

For all road users:

Be mindful. Always be courteous, respectful and patient with others.

Follow the rules of the road. Whether you’re a driver, a cyclist or a pedestrian, follow the road rules.

Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention and avoid distractions like using your phone or wearing headphones when crossing the street. Make eye contact with other road users so they’re aware of you.

Be visible. Drivers and cyclists must use lights half an hour before sunset and half an hour after sunrise, or when it’s dark, foggy or cloudy. Pedestrians and cyclists should wear bright or reflective clothing for extra visibility.

Road safety is shared a responsibility. Help keep your community safe by posting a “Slow Down Please” lawn sign. Find out about the other ways CAA is helping keep our communities safe at caasco.com/advocacy.