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Have kids? Here’s how to keep them healthy while at home.

Manulife July 16, 2020
Father and son eating apples in the kitchen.
The health care needs of children are unique. Because their bodies are still growing, things are changing every day. That’s why it’s even more important that you establish healthy routines for them to follow. Now that we’re spending more time at home, this can be difficult. That’s why we’ve created some helpful tips to keep your kids healthy while you’re at home.

Make sure they’re eating healthy.

It’s always important to make sure that your kids are eating healthy; however, during these stressful times, you might look for easier options that aren’t always the healthiest. It’s okay to have a meal or two a week like this, but try not to overdo it. Follow the Canada Food Guide to Healthy Living to ensure that your kids are getting the foods they need as they grow and develop.

It’s a good idea to encourage healthy eating habits early on for your children. So, try to make them a part of the weekly meal planning process. Ask them what they’d like to eat throughout the week and add their choices to the shopping list. It’s also great - if you can - to get them involved in food prepping and cooking. Look for recipes that you and your kids can cook together. Even giving your kids a simple task (or two) can help them form better connections with the food their eating. Tip: If you have a picky eater, determine what foods they like, and slowly introduce them to similar types of foods.

Get outside and exercise.

There are so many benefits to getting outside and exercising with your children. If you have a backyard space, you’ll no doubt be making use of it as the weather gets nice. If not, head over to your local park and toss a frisbee, kick a soccer ball, or do whatever else you enjoy doing to get moving. Don’t forget to bring hats, water, and snacks. Also, try your best to find parks that are less busy while social distancing is still in effect. Make sure you also tune up your bikes and get out for rides through your neighbourhood or load up the car and head to a trail that’s close by.

Oral health is also so important.

Currently, with less regular visits to the dentist, it’s more important than ever that your kids practice proper brushing techniques and habits. That means you’re really going to have to stay on top of them when it comes to brushing and flossing (easier said than done). Make sure your kids are brushing twice a day, in the morning and before they go to bed. And because it might be a little while before you get to see the dentist again, try to work in an after-lunch brush. 

If your child is a bit younger (under seven or so), you’ll likely be helping them with their brushing. Focus on the back of the mouth, where the molars are, as this is where cavities tend to develop first.  Make sure that they brush for two minutes each time. It might be helpful to set a timer or play their favourite song on your phone to reach the two-minute mark.

Coverage for you and your children.

Individual insurance plans such as CAA Health and Dental Insurance can help reduce the cost of routine and unexpected health expenses for your children, including vision care, dental care, prescription drugs, and more. Some plans also provide coverage for orthodontic services, including braces (there is a two-year waiting period before purchasing). 

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