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Summer Bucket List: How to Have an Amazing Summer

Guest Contributor May 09, 2023
A family with two children getting out of a car.

Make the most of summer, no matter where you are, with the help of CAA.

The sun is bright, the breeze is warm, the patio furniture is set, and your out of office is on. It’s finally summertime. Make 2023 the year you and your family check off every item on your summer bucket list.

Whether you’re hitting the road or playing tourist in your own town, CAA is there to help you maximize your adventures this summer season. Here’s how.

Two women canoeing on water surrounded by trees.

At the lake.

Prepare ahead of time
There’s no such thing as being over-prepared. Pack those lake essentials — like bug spray, sunscreen and snacks — well in advance and take note of what you may need to purchase (think: boat safety kit or rechargeable lighting for your deck). And, as a CAA Member, don’t forget to register for Maple virtual care, so you can have access to a Canadian-licensed health practitioner1, no matter where you are.

Plan fun activities
Grab a few Super Soakers and floaties (whether you’ve got kids or not). Splurge on a floating dock or even a putting green. You may just find your spot by the lake the most popular in the vicinity. And for the inevitable inclement weather, pack rainy day activities, such as board games, puzzles and paint kits to keep everyone entertained.

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Kids sliding down a multilane slide.

On a day trip.

Strategize your route
Day trips are a ton of fun, but trying to please everyone can be a challenge. How about letting each person pick a stop, so everybody feels included? Or have the kids plan the whole day. To avoid spending most of the day in the car, pick a destination within, say, a couple of hours’ travel time and check beforehand for any roadwork or diversions that could result in getting stuck in traffic. Tip: use TripTik® 3 to get directions, explore maps, find gas stations and plan your stops.

Pack light
Take only the essentials: water bottles, sunscreen, hats, bug spray. Keep in mind that children require lots of snacks (so does the driver). To fight off boredom, organize car ride games and allow a bit of screen time — and don’t forget the chargers.

Plan for breaks
Schedule stops along the way to let the kids (and pets) blow off steam. Satisfy everyone’s hunger and save money by making a pit stop at CAA partner locations like New York Fries or Swiss Chalet. Not sure who’s a partner? Download the CAA Mobile App, so you can check along the way.

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Woman relaxing in sauna.

Staycation ideas.

Play hometown tourist
So-called tourist traps may be kitschy, but people do keep flocking to them. Why? Because they are fun! Embrace a visitor’s attitude and go for it. Is there a hop-on-hop-off bus tour in your city? Hop on! Or, if you’d rather stay away from busy crowds, explore different neighbourhoods on two wheels and know that you’re covered by CAA Bike Assist® 7 in the event that you get a flat.

Splurge a little
Plane tickets and hotel rooms are a big chunk of a travel budget. Consider setting aside some of that money for a local luxury — say, tickets to a show, dining at a fun “splurge-worthy” restaurant, or perhaps a day at the spa or the gym? Relish the fact that you’re still saving money, even if that’s not the real pay off. Bottom line: It’s really about you.

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Smiling woman sitting in suv car trunk looking at sunset.

On a road trip.

Get organized before you go
Road trip planning can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Start with a list of everything you’ll need on your trip before you get packing. When loading up your gear in your vehicle, ensure that the items you need most are at the top for easy accessibility (such as a first aid kit). And don’t forget to set up insurance before your road trip, so your family — and vacation — are protected.

Pack fun backseat diversions
Fend off that inevitable “Are we there yet?” from the kids by organizing drive-by scavenger hunts, I Spy and Truth or Dare. Other attention-diverting tactics are books and car-friendly games purchased online—say, from Puzzle Master and Well.ca via the CAA eStore.

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You and your family deserve to make the most out of your summer adventures. Whether you have another trip in the books for this year or are planning the next, CAA wants to support your wanderlust. We’re hosting a contest with a prize any fun-seeker would find hard to resist:

  • ONE (1) $1,500 CAA Travel voucher
  • ONE (1) Eight-day Park’N Fly Valet voucher
  • ONE (1) luggage set

Contest launches July 19, 2023. Keep an eye out for details on how to enter!
Ready to have the best summer yet? CAA can help.