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CAA Dollars 101 - everything you need to know about earning, saving, and redeeming.

Jordan January 08, 2013
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If you’re not currently earning CAA Dollars, you’ve been missing out! Redeemable towards just about every CAA product and service, they’re a great way to lower the cost of your membership renewal, movie tickets or even your next vacation! This post will take you through some of the key questions most people ask when first learning about the program.

What are CAA Dollars?

CAA Dollars are just one of many great benefits of your CAA membership and work just like real money—the more you earn, the more you can spend! One CAA Dollar equals $1 Canadian that you can redeem on many CAA products and services. Vacations, membership renewal, gift memberships, luggage, attraction tickets, passport photos, Cineplex passes, merchandise, and more from your local CAA Store – you name it!

How to earn CAA Dollars.

Earning CAA Dollars is easy; each time you shop with participating partners, just present your valid membership card and watch your CAA Dollar account balance grow. You can earn CAA Dollars just by filling up on gas at Husky, sending flowers to someone special with Teleflora, taking your car in for service at an Approved Auto Repair Services location, using your CAA MasterCard for all your everyday purchases and even buying your attraction tickets at CAA Tickets Online.

Click here for a full list of CAA Dollars partners >

Where to redeem your CAA Dollars.

Picture going on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and using your CAA Dollars to help pay for it. Or how about applying your CAA Dollars towards a CAA gift membership for a friend or family member? These are just a few of the ways you can spend your earnings. You can also redeem them towards:
  • Vacations booked with CAA Travel
  • Travel merchandise, movie passes, attraction tickets and more at a CAA Store
  • Upgrading or renewing your CAA membership
  • Insurance renewal premium

What you need to know.

To earn and redeem CAA Dollars you must be a current CAA Member in good standing (CAA membership dues paid in full by membership expiry date). CAA Dollars have no cash surrender value and cannot be used to purchase CAA Green Power Batteries, Travel Money products, including travelers cheques, or to pay any amounts owing on your CAA MasterCard. Don’t let your membership lapse or you will forfeit any accumulated CAA Dollars. Your CAA Dollars will be automatically redeemed towards your CAA membership renewal dues.

To keep track of your CAA Dollar account balance, find out where you can earn CAA Dollars and for the latest offers from our partners, visit www.caasco.com/caadollars.