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Explore Toronto on two wheels during Free Ride Wednesdays!

Lisa Boynton August 24, 2020
Woman cycling in city park on bike from Bike Share Toronto and CAA.
We’re thrilled to bring back FREE Ride Wednesdays! 

Explore Toronto for free every Wednesday in September with unlimited 30-minute station-to-station trips with Bike Share Toronto, brought to you by CAA South Central Ontario.

CAA has a strong history of advocating for and supporting cycling and safety on our roads. Our ongoing “Dutch Reach” campaign teaches drivers and passengers how to use this technique before exiting their vehicle to help protect all road users. 

And, included with your CAA Membership is Bike Assist1. Think of it as roadside assistance but for your bicycle. If you get in a jam, we’ll come to you and help you get on the move again. If your problem can’t be fixed on the spot, CAA will transport you and your bicycle to wherever1 you need to go.

Safety first! Since you’ll be sharing the road with other vehicles, we encourage you to brush up on your cycling safety with these helpful tips and reminders

How to start exploring.

  • Download CycleFinder (the official app of Bike Share Toronto) onto your mobile phone or visit a Bike Share Toronto station.
  • Go to any of the 625 Bike Share Toronto stations any Wednesday in August.
  • Select “Buy a pass,” then select “$0 One-Day” on the CycleFinder app or at a station kiosk.
  • Insert your credit card information (to get the $20 refundable deposit back and for any overage fees, should they apply).2
  • Type the 5-digit code you will receive into the keypad on the docking point on the bike of your choice.
  • Want to ride again? Dock the bike after 30 minutes and use the same pass to unlock the bike.

You’re ready to ride, return and repeat while your pass is active for 24 hours!

For trips exceeding 30 minutes, overage fees apply at a rate of $4 for each additional 30 minutes of ride time.2 To avoid these fees, simply dock the bike and unlock the same bike (or another) to continue riding every 30 minutes.

YOU get a free ride and YOU get a free ride and…

Free Ride Wednesdays is open to everyone, whether you’re a CAA Member or not. We hope you take advantage of this fun way to take in the great outdoors and explore the city. 

CAA Rewards® perk alert: If you're a CAA Member, you can also get four free rides with the purchase of ten to ride any day of the week! Find out more.

See you in the bike lane!