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Extend the life of your potted plants with these helpful tips from Teleflora.

Jordan April 08, 2016
Potted plants and candles on a table next to window in a modern home.
You don’t need a green thumb to keep your plant healthy and thriving – in fact, you don’t need to do much at all. With just a little attention to appropriate lighting, watering, and temperature, your plant will be a beautiful reminder of the person who gave it to you for many months to come.

When caring for a plant in your home or office, remember to move it to a sink or water safe area. Water the plant and allow excess water to run out the bottom of the pot into a sink, bucket or saucer.

Prune leaves or blossoms that are past their prime, and don’t let dropped leaves or debris collect on top of the soil inside the pot.  These can increase the chance of pests or diseases.

To make your plant shine, wipe the leaves with a soft, damp cloth and return the plant to its pot and setting.

Fun facts about house plants.

Living plants bring a touch of the outdoors to any indoor environment. Fresh and verdant, plant gifts require only a bit of care, and can liven up any home or workplace. Whether you choose a lush, leafy potted plant, a fragrant variety covered with blossoms, or a combination of both, plants will add a bright touch to any room.

Flowering plants are a great gift option, offering the gorgeous blooms and fragrance of a bouquet, but lasting up to several months! If you are sending your gift to someone who suffers from allergies, a hydrangea plant is a great choice. Many indoor plants purify the air, so they are a thoughtful choice for someone who is ill.

Easiest house plants to grow indoors.

Indoor plants not only help improve air quality, they also give any room a visual boost. We know keeping plants alive can be challenging but many varieties like pothos, aloe, spider plants, English ivy, rubber trees, peace lilies and jade plants require minimal care and attention.

How to care for your orchid plant.

Orchids are one of the few plants that can make a grand impression with just a single stem. Keep potted orchids in a well ventilated spot with partial shade, away from radiators, air conditioning, and strong drafts.

How to care for your poinsettia plant.

Even though we associate poinsettias with the mid-winter holidays, they’re actually a tropical plant and need to be kept away from drafts and cold. Overly chilly temperatures can cause their colourful leaves (called bracts) to drop.

Keep the soil of your poinsettia moist and only allow it to slightly dry out between waterings. Encourage new blooms by pinching off spent blossoms and adding plant fertilizer when it’s actively growing new buds or leaves. Poinsettias can also be cut from the plant and used as cut flowers. When you cut a stem, a milky-white sap flows from the cut end. Place the stem in water immediately to allow it to hydrate before mixing it with other flowers.