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Helping you follow through on New Year’s resolutions.

Lisa Boynton and Stephanie Lim January 17, 2020
Happy couple sitting on Alaskan mountain side in winter.
We’re well into January, which means it’s a great time to check where you’re at with the New Year’s resolutions you’ve made.

If you’re looking for motivation to help you stick to your goals around fitness, getting that perfect set of wheels or adding travel to your lifestyle, CAA can help.

Getting fit.

Getting fit is a great New Year’s resolution. Maybe you want to build strength and endurance. Or maybe, you’re looking to keep your already healthy and active lifestyle going.

Whatever your reason is for getting fit, it’s definitely a healthy goal! Here are some things to help you along your fitness journey:

Wearable tech.

Wearable technology continues to trend in 2020. Anything from fitness trackers to smart watches and GPS tracking devices for your workout, you can track your heart rate, calories, sitting time and more. If you’re looking for a new piece of tech to add to your regime, CAA Members can save 10%1 on the latest Health & Wearable Tech at The Source.

Healthy eating.

Leading a healthier lifestyle also means eating right. Physical activity combined with nutritional food options can help you reach and maintain your weight goals and improve how you feel overall. Need some help with grocery pickups?

INABUGGY - an online grocery shopping and delivery service that can get you your order picked, packed and delivered in as little as one hour. CAA Members save $10 on the delivery fee on every order - just enter your valid CAA Membership number at check-out.2

Man checking his wearable fitness tracker after a workout.

Getting around.

Did you commit to working hard to get yourself a new set of wheels this year? Whether buying new or used, you’ve probably got some questions.

CAA Auto Advice™.

Our team of industry professionals is made up of Auto Advisors, licensed technicians and experts that provide CAA Members with FREE advice on everything “automotive” related.

If you need information about car care, new or used vehicles, auto repairs, vehicle inspections, driving costs or anything vehicle-related, they’re the experts you want to talk to before you make that big investment. Give them a call at: 1-866-464-6448 or send your questions by email to: autoadvice@caasco.ca.

Rent a car.

If you don’t currently own a vehicle but are considering it, there are lots of ways to find out if a car makes sense for your lifestyle. One of these ways is renting one (or several) for a short period of time. When you do be sure to make note of the following:

  • Try out different vehicle types and models to see what you’re most comfortable driving
  • Track your mileage to see how much ground you’re really covering
  • Filler’ up! See how much it costs to fill the gas tank and factor that into your buying decision

If you’re a CAA Member, we offer car rental discounts from Enterprise to help you save while you’re researching car ownership as an option4.  

CAA Auto Advice agent on phone with CAA Member.