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Safe travels, protect your valuables.

Kamla Wray April 11, 2016
A variety of bags for travel.
Nothing can ruin a holiday faster than finding your passport, travel documents or money have gone missing. Whether vacationing abroad or travelling close to home, you still need to think about personal safety and security. CAA SCO is always looking for ways to keep our Members safe, that’s why we offer Pacsafe, a stylish line of smart travel bags and backpacks designed to keep your valuables and personal information safe. Equipped with anti-theft technology, these travel bags provide an added layer of protection against would-be bag slashers, data thieves and old-fashioned slight-of-hand pickpockets.

Slash-resistant straps, data protection and zipper deterrents.

All Pacsafe bags have Carrysafe® slashguard straps; a flexible, lightweight, stainless steel wire integrated into the adjustable straps making it invisible and difficult for bag slashers to slice through the straps and take off with your valuables. The Smart Zipper Security pulls attach to discreet security hooks preventing pickpockets from unzipping your bag or backpack.

Worried about your passport and credit card data being compromised by chip readers? You should be. Identity thieves can access your sensitive data from up to 10ft away with the help of an RFID reader. Pacsafe travel gear have award-winning RFIDsafe™ blocking material which secures your sensitive information from being exposed.
A black Metrosafe backpack.

Smart travels is safe travels.

In addition to travelling with Pacsafe bags, Members can protect themselves from being targets of pickpockets and thieves by remembering these important safety tips:

  1. Keep your money and passport out of sight and never put your wallet in your back pocket. Walk with what you need and leave unnecessary credit cards, airline tickets, passports (if not needed) in a hotel safe. Don’t carry large amounts of cash or large bills. A full wallet is an attractive wallet to would-be thieves.
  2. Don’t bring unwanted attention to yourself by wearing expensive clothing or jewellery. Wedding and engagement rings can be left at home and replaced with costume jewellery.
  3. Always remain aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded spaces like attractions, museums, markets and on public transportation.
  4. Make photocopies of your travel documents, passport, credit card and banking information including emergency contact numbers in case your items are stolen. Keep a copy with you, at home and in the hotel safe. It is also a good idea to let your bank and credit card companies know you are traveling abroad so you are not denied access to funds.
  5. Know the address and number to Canadian embassies in the country you are visiting in case of an advisory or unexpected event.

Now that you are more informed about personal safety and the importance of securing your valuables while traveling, visit a CAA SCO store near you to look at this stylish line of products that will keep you and your personal information safe.