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The Latest Fitness Trackers – From Necklaces to Watches - to Help You Walk Your Way Fit

Guest Contributor July 12, 2021
Couple in park looking at their smart phone
Canadians are taking their health more seriously than ever, and they’re using tech to do it. “These technologies help people stay on track,” says Joanna Marra, CAA Club Group’s Wellness Consultant. “Especially working from home and living in a time when we’re more physically inactive in our day-to-day movement, seeing those numbers helps people stay accountable and encouraged to move more.” We’ve found the best new wearable fitness trackers – from necklaces to watches. Remember, these are consumer products, meaning they’re not always completely accurate; Marra recommends consulting a doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch3

The stylish Samsung Galaxy Watch3 covers all the bases when it comes to monitoring your health – and making you look good while you’re at it. This powerful exercise companion has an integrated running coach and heart rate sensor to help with your general wellness and fitness. The large touchscreen watch face is customizable, and the elegant leather watch strap is available in classic black. To help track your fitness progress, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 pairs easily with many brands of smartphones to store your data. CAA Members get everyday savings on the Samsung Galaxy Watch3, and other top-brand tech products, at The Source*.

2. Garmin Venu Sq – Music Edition.

The sleek and lightweight Garmin Venu Sq allows users to sync music as they exercise, whether running, cycling, golfing or even doing yoga. Log your water intake and receive alerts if your heart rate is too high or low, and women can even track their menstrual cycle or pregnancy progression. CAA Members get everyday savings on the Garmin Venu Sq, and other top-brand tech products, at The Source*.

3. Bellabeat Leaf.

Compatible with Android and iOS, the Bellabeat Leaf is a wearable pedometer, specifically optimized for women’s health. Connected to the Bellabeat app, the Leaf – which can be worn as a piece of jewellery or attached to clothing – tracks a wearer’s movement, sleep patterns and physical activity. Based on these factors, the app can then calculate the stress you may experience throughout the day. The Bellabeat Leaf is available at Walmart – where CAA Members earn 2% in CAA Dollars* on most purchases when they shop online.

4. Fitbit® Luxe Activity Tracker.

The iconic Fitbit was first introduced in 2008 as a clip-on fitness tracking device. More than a decade later, Fitbit products are available in many different styles of wearable tech. The recently launched Fitbit Luxe is the most elegant Fitbit yet – it has a sleek minimalist design and is available in colour combinations (orchid pink with platinum stainless steel accents, lunar white with soft gold stainless steel accents, for example) that make it look more like a piece of jewelry than a fitness tracker. Of course, the Fitbit Luxe also tracks activity, sleep patterns and much more. You can buy the Fitbit Luxe Activity Tracker and more of the latest tech at The Source*.

5. Garmin Vivofit 4.

With a one-plus year battery life, the Vivofit is a great option to wear 24/7. It tracks both activity and periods of inactivity, alerting you when you’ve been stationary for too long. The Vivofit also assigns an attainable daily step goal based on current activity levels, increasing it slowly as you improve. Use it in conjunction with the Garmin Connect app to record steps and spur a fun competition with friends. CAA Members get everyday savings on the Garmin Venu Sq, and other top-brand tech products, at The Source*.

Where to get the gear.

Visit The Source for a wide variety of wearable tech options that fit you and your lifestyle. Don’t forget CAA Members enjoy everyday savings on top-brand tech, even on sale prices* when they swipe their CAA card in-store or link their online account with the CAA Membership number.