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Six Important Reasons Why You Should Check Your Passport Expiry Date Now

Deidre Plotnick June 07, 2021
Family watching excited daughter with passport.
Have you been compiling a wish list of places to visit when international travel opens up again? Many Canadians are. In between building that list of exotic locales, why not get ready for when the Government of Canada says it’s safe to travel? One of the things you can – and should – do now is make sure your passport is in order. Here are six reasons why.

1.Once travel opens up again, there may be a rush to get passports processed. 

As soon as international travel gets the green light, Canadian passport offices may experience a huge backlog. The good news is that Passport Canada is currently open and is processing renewals. While there are currently no walk-in services, you can still renew your passport by appointment or by mail. Like most businesses though, passport offices are operating with reduced capacity, so expect your renewal to take some time. It makes sense to get a jump-start on the process now. Remember, you’ll also need a new photo before you renew. While some businesses may not be offering passport photos, CAA is offering photos for adults, children and babies at your local CAA store. Not only that, CAA Members get special pricing.

2. Even if your passport hasn’t expired yet, you often need to renew before it does.

Some countries require passports that are valid six months beyond the date of your trip. So, even if yours hasn’t expired yet, check that it’s not expiring within the next 12 months. By the time travel opens up again, your passport may have expired or may be close to expiring. Starting the process can mean avoiding being in a jam later. 

Smiling immigration officer taking passport from traveller.

3. Renewing a passport involves a few steps, so it can take time.

First you’ll need to answer a few questions to see if you’re eligible to renew your passport now. Once you get the green light, you’ll have to fill out an application, get supporting documents, take passport photos and find two references. Complete these at your leisure now, while you have time. Though this is time consuming, your new passport will be valid for five or ten years.

4. Once business travel opens up again, you’ll be ready to go on short notice.

What’s not to love about jetting off somewhere with your company footing the bill? By making sure you’re ready to travel when the time comes, you may be the one selected for that coveted business trip.

Passport and map sticking out of briefcase.

5. If you need to travel in a hurry, you’ll be able to pick up and go.

Having a valid passport in hand means you will be take off on a whim. Just be sure to check the travel requirements at your destination before you leave.

Adult daughter and mother hugging at airport.

6. Renewing your passport will fuel your dreams for travel and lift your spirits.

A 2020 study by the Institute for Positive Applied Research showed that planning a trip even six months into the future would bring 80 percent of people joy. Consider renewing your passport as your first step in planning and let the happiness flow. You can find more information about required travel documents here. And remember, if you need help booking your future trip, the experts at CAA Travel can help.