Aggressive and Risky Driving is Just Not Worth It

Guest Contributor August 01, 2019

Making sure that everyone arrives at their destination safely should be every driver’s number one priority every time they get behind the wheel. It is dangerous and unnecessary for so many drivers to put themselves and others at risk every day with their dangerous or aggressive driving.

People are in a hurry, traffic is bad, other drivers are rude or inconsiderate, there are numerous reasons why people engage in high-risk behaviours on the roads. However, giving into impulse or emotions and behaving recklessly behind the wheel can have dire consequences.

Worst of all, dangerous driving leads to accidents, injuries, and even death. It can also cost drivers dearly in other ways such as criminal charges, increased insurance premiums and even cancelled policies.

Every year, millions of Canadians display aggressive driving behaviors, while even more frequently drive well over the speed limit. With numbers like these, it is hardly surprising that more and more motorists are being labeled as high-risk drivers, therefore receiving high premiums from their insurance providers.

Are You a High Risk?

Speeding, at-fault accidents, and DUI’s will make anyone a high-risk driver in the eyes of an insurance provider, but there are also some lesser-known factors that can contribute to this classification. These include having numerous moving violations, unpaid tickets, driving a sports car, being male, not having continuous coverage, and even having a poor credit rating.

Even if none of the above pertain to you, there are aggressive driving behaviors that many motorists engage in regularly that can result in becoming considered high-risk. Tailgating, running lights, and improperly passing other vehicles are all behaviours that are red flags for insurance providers.

Some Tips for Avoiding Aggressive Driving.

Aggressive driving can be caused by numerous different things such as traffic, construction, being cut off by another driver, and many, many others. Of course, in the face of these, we all have the ability as drivers to engage in safe behaviours. Making smart choices can enable even the most hotheaded driver to be considered a low risk. Here are a few ways you can avoid high-risk driving behaviors in order to keep your insurance premium at a low and stay safe on the road.

Give yourself time. Speeding and aggressive driving behaviours increase when you are hurrying and stressed for time. Allow time for possible delays that can be caused by unexpected delays such as traffic, bad weather, or construction, and leave earlier.

Accept not being on time. If you are behind schedule, take a deep breath and accept that you are going to be late. Don’t put yourself and others at risk in an attempt to make up time on the road. Arriving safe is more important than gaining a few moments through reckless behaviour.

Don’t be pressured into speeding. If the car behind you is riding right up on your bumper and engaging in risky behaviors, don’t speed up and put yourself at risk. Instead, safely move out of the way and let the aggressive vehicle pass.

Give other drivers the benefit of the doubt. Before getting heated because a driver in front of you seems unfocused, consider that they could be from out of town, or distracted by things that have nothing to do with you. We all have bad days.

Don’t compete with another driver. If someone else’s driving annoys you, don’t try to get back at the person or teach them a lesson. Don’t take other drivers’ mistakes or behaviours personally. Remember, it doesn’t matter who gets there first. The only thing that matters is getting there safely.

Don’t lean on the horn. Your car horn is to warn people in case of an emergency. You should press it briefly for a short sound to get someone’s attention. Holding down the car horn when your upset creates a loud, stressful, aggressive sound that will only make other people angrier and do nothing to alleviate the situation.

Aggressive driving, including speeding, greatly increases your risk of getting into an accident, or getting a very serious ticket. It can lead to injury and death or have very serious legal and financial consequences.

In view of the fact that some drivers are considered a higher risk than others, it is important to shop around for car insurance in order to ensure the best policy at the best rate.

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