Heres How CAA Can Help Make Your Next Move or Renovation More Affordable

Jordan April 24, 2014

From packing away your memories to setting the stage for new ones, CAA’s Member-exclusive discounts can help make moving to, living in and fixing up your new home easier and more affordable.

Moving in:

The family van can only haul so many boxes at once, so unless you’re willing to lose a weekend (and a few tanks of gas) to your move, you’ll want to rent a truck or two. At Penske, CAA Members SAVE 12% on local trucks, moving accessories and supplies! And if you go with AMJ Campbell, you’ll  SAVE $100 plus earn 100 CAA Dollars for out-of-province and local moves.

Here are some bonus tips for long-distance moves from AMJ Campbell:

  • AMJ_tag_LogoCall AMJ Campbell for a free estimate.
  • Have a garage sale.
  • Transfer memberships in churches, clubs and civic organizations.
  • Obtain medical and dental records, x-rays and prescription histories.
  • Ask doctor and dentist for referrals and transfer prescriptions.
  • Take inventory of your belongings before they’re packed, in the event you need to make an insurance claim later.
  • If possible, take pictures or video your belongings.
  • Record serial numbers of electronic equipment.
  • Make arrangements for transporting pets.
  • Click here to get AMJ Campbell’s full moving checklist >

Here are some bonus tips for packing up large appliances from Penske:

  • 4C_PenskeClean before moving, including emptying, defrosting and drying the refrigerator and freezers. Fill the interiors with lightweight linens, clothing or stuffed toys.
  • Remove loose fittings and pack separately in clear press-seal plastic bags. Either duct tape the bags inside the appliances or label them and collect them in one “Pieces and Parts” box.
  • Tie down, tape or wedge all movable parts and doors.
  • For washers and dryers, stuff towels between the sides and the tub or drum to keep it from rotating. Drain hoses, place in plastic bags and pack right inside the machine.
  • Click here to get Penske’s fully customized packing guide >

Fixing up:


If you’re not happy with the previous owners’ sense of style, now’s the time for renovations. Whether you’re throwing out drywall, cabinetry, or anything else that needs replacing, CAA Members SAVE 10% on junk removal at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. If you’re looking to personalize your new space with a splash of colour, Members SAVE 25% on paint and 10% on accessories at Dulux!

Here are some bonus tips for staying organized from 1-800-GOT-JUNK?:

  • Don’t let paper (bills, receipts, letters, etc.) accumulate! Ensure everything important has a home, whether it’s in the filing cabinet or on a letter tray. Go through these documents once a month (bills/receipts) or once a year (letters, newspaper clippings) and purge what you no longer need.
  • Avoid the dreaded ‘junk drawer’. If you really have miscellaneous items, keep them organized with drawer organizers, yogurt containers, or tins. Test pens regularly to make sure they work.
  • Use mason jars to organize small items like paper clips, Q-tips, pencils or candies.
  • For more great organizing and decluttering tips, check out 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s blog >

Living large:

ComparActionNow that the walls are dry and clutter is long gone, it’s time to start settling in! CAA Members can spruce up their décor with lush, fresh flowers from Teleflora and earn 20% in CAA Dollars with every purchase. And instead of sticking with your current home phone provider, switch to ComparAction and start earning 10% in CAA Dollars on the best Home Phone
and Long Distance plans in Canada.

Here are some bonus tips for sprucing up a new space from Teleflora:

  • teleflora_logoFlower bouquets make a gorgeous addition to your home décor, and are a thoughtful gift for any occasion.
  • A green or flowering potted plant will add instant warmth and décor to your home, regardless of your decorating style.
  • Orchid plants are stunning as an entryway piece and evoke a sense of peacefulness in the home.
  • Dulux-Paints-Logo-FLAT_Blue-1A cheerful bouquet provides a pretty focal point and can brighten up your living room, dining table, or even your kitchen counter.
  • Always consider the recipient when gifting flower bouquets. Does he or she have a favorite color, flower, or scent?
  • For even more tips on flowers, floral arrangements, choosing the right bouquet and more, check out Teleflora’s blog >


When it comes to moving, CAA Members can save big on everything from old junk removal to a fresh coat of paint. Not a Member? Click here to learn about all the perks, benefits and discounts that come with joining CAA. Don’t forget to visit the CAA eStore to discover every offer, discount and savings opportunity available exclusively to Members.


Did we forget to mention your favourite moving or renovation tip? Share it with us using the comments section below and we might even add it to the post!



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