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A black and silver car key with three buttons sits on top of a table next to a stack of loonies. Behind you see a contract on the table being signed by a person wearing a white shirt and blue blazer on top. They are holding a black and gold pen and you see only their arms and torso.

How OMVIC Helps Protect You When Financing a Vehicle

If you’re in the market for a car loan, make sure you know how to protect your assets and spot unethical deals

A person with long brown hair wearing a mustard yellow T-shirt and blue jeans sits in a vehicle with her seatbelt fastened, left hand on the top of the steering wheel and right hand turning a knob on her console. They are smiling and looking toward the dashboard. The interior of the vehicle is gray and black.

Six Discounts to Take Advantage of When Renewing Auto Insurance

Review your policy for opportunities to reduce your auto insurance rate

A close up of an electric vehicle charger plugging into the left side of a white vehicle. The charging port door on the vehicle is open and has a small yellow triangle sticker with the charging symbol on it. The charger is black with a blue stripe and a red cable. You can see the red tail light of the car.

How Electric Vehicles Help Keep the Power On In Emergencies

Here’s how your electric ride may be able to provide power in an emergency

An elderly person with short blonde hair wearing glasses, small gold hoop earrings and a knitted white T-shirt sits in the driver’s seat of a car with their seatbelt fastened and two hands on the steering wheel. The interior of the vehicle is black and the person is turning their head to look at the back seat.

Ontario Senior Licence Renewals—3 Important Things to Know

Here’s why it’s crucial to renew your licence after 80

The upper lights of a school bus. The school bus is yellow with the words school bus written in black capital letters in the centre front of the bus with two circular red lights on either side. There are three amber lights on the top centre of the bus. A horn is fixed to the top right on the roof. You can see the top of the front windshield at the bottom and a blue background behind.

Ontario School Buses Get New Lights To Improve Safety for Students

How the province is tackling dangerous driving around school buses

On the left, a profile of the passenger door and mirror of a black car, driving on a street past several white vehicles on the right, which are blurry to show a fast rate of speed. Blurry trees can be seen in the background.

Stunt Drivers Beware: The Penalty for Speeding Has Gone Up

Ontario introduces new laws for street racing and excessive speeding

The back of a bright blue Mini Cooper hatchback vehicle with an Ontario licence plate sits parked on the side of a road next to a field. There is a row of parked cars along the curved street, which leads to a building complex in the distance. A woman is seen opening a car door ahead.

Ontario Licence Plate Renewals—3 Important Things to Know

Here’s why it’s still crucial to register your vehicle, even if there’s no cost

A blue and black race car with numerous logos on the passenger side is visible, making a turn on the race route. The windshield has Pinty's spelled out at the top, with large white letters spelling MOPAR on the side of the vehicle. Trailing behind the blue car are three other cars in a row. In the lead is a light blue and white car, followed by a black car, then a red and white car.

Test Your Knowledge and Win Tickets to the 2022 Honda Indy

The Honda Indy Toronto has a rich history. How much do you know about it?

An extreme close up of some asphalt with multiple cracks in it, which run the length of the image.

2022 Ontario's Worst Roads Campaign Results

The province has spoken. CAA’s annual poll once again highlights Hamilton as needing street repairs.