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A small bubble pink toy car is sitting in a transparent purple dome. The background is a pastel purple.

Six Simple Ways to Save on Your Auto Insurance

Looking for ways to stretch your hard-earned dollars? It’s a good idea to review your vehicle insurance policy.

A close up of a hand that has lots of soap on it. The hand is holding up a soapy yellow sponge to the front lights of a red car. Other parts of the car have soap on it as well.

Summer Car Tips: Do These 11 Things to Ensure it's Road-ready

Simple tasks to fire up the engine on your seasonal vehicle

A close up of the side of a burgundy sedan. A view of a person wearing dark blue pants and a dark blue shirt with neon green stripes around the legs and on the short sleeve of the arm is visible. The person has gloves on and is leaning over the side of the car, next to the front tire. There is a white tow truck in front of the car.

What’s the Slow Down, Move Over Law and Why Is It Important?

This Ontario law requires motorists to give space to tow operators on the side of the road

A close up of a road, which is marked with a white outline of a diamond and a white bicycle. There is also a yellow road marking next to the one white diamond, with a white bicycle outline on the other side of it. A blurred out bicycle and pair of feet can be seen riding in one of the lanes.

Six Ways Roads Are Getting Safer for Cyclists

From cycle tracks to bike boxes, here's what to look out for on the road this spring

A person wearing a light pink shirt is standing next to a car. The person is holding a cell phone in one hand and is standing next to a light-coloured car. The other hand is holding a charger with a yellow cord, which is plugged into the car.

4 Top Apps to Find an EV Charging Station

Electric vehicle drivers won’t have difficulty getting a boost, thanks to these helpful smartphone apps

Close up of a woman’s hands that have red nail polish. She is wearing a dark green shirt. Her one hand is holding the handle of a white and black charger and she’s plugging it into the side of a black car.

Top 4 Electric Vehicle Trends You’ll See in 2022

Eco-friendly rides are gaining momentum with greater range, faster charging and more choices

A close up of the rear of a bicycle on the road. There is slushy snow on the ground that is being kicked up by the rear tire. The rider is wearing brown boots and black pants.

How to Stay Safe While Bike Riding This Winter

These four tips will have you happily cycling through the snow

A woman wearing a white sweater and a Santa hat is sitting in the driver seat wearing a seat belt.

Experts Remind Us to Drive Safe and Sober This Holiday Season

As seasonal gatherings resume, road safety advocates are urging drivers to steer clear of alcohol and drugs

A man wearing a blue button-up shirt and black pants is standing at an EV charging station, which is white with green. He is holding a black hose up to his car to charge it.

Five New Electric Vehicles Coming to Canada in 2022

Car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the Canadian debut of these four electric vehicles

A close up view of a person with one hand on a steering wheel, and in their other hand they are holding a cellphone.

4 Things to Know About Distracted Driving in Ontario

From the penalties to the possible consequences, here’s what you need to know about an offence road safety experts say is all too common