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The back of a woman is visible to the camera. She is wearing a low-cut turquoise dress and a honey-coloured straw hat. She has blonde hair that hanging around her shoulders. She is looking back at a expansive property that looks like a castle on the hill. There is a main beige tower with surrounding structures around it with dark peaks and turrets. Surrounding it are smaller buildings that are a mix of modern and historic.

Why a Stay at These Quebec Hotels Will Make Your Trip Memorable

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A remote resort with three or four storeys, and a circular area in the front. It is perched atop a rocky area and surrounded by trees behind it, where there is another building that his hidden in the trees. Around the rocky area is turquoise water.

The Best Four Eco-friendly Hotels You Should Stay at in Canada

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A close up of three seabirds called gannets with white features and grey eyes and beaks, perched on a rocky hill with bits of brown grass and rocks. There is dark blue water in the background.

Five Scenic Spots to Admire the Birds in Canada

Birders rejoice as feathered creatures take flight at these popular destinations

Two large topiaries of raccoons. One raccoon is perched inside a barrel, while a second raccoon is squatting next to it. In front of them is a patch of red flowers, and a third raccoon that is lying on the ground and looking right at the camera. Behind them are tall, leafy trees.

New Summer Attraction in Quebec City Made Up of Six Million Flowers and Plants

Take a leisurely stroll through Mosaiculture’s lush topiary displays depicting the beauty and fragility of life on our planet

Two people are walking side by side on a rocky beach. It looks grey and overcast. Behind them are tall trees in shadow. To the right side, are rock formations with moss growing on them.

5 Top Places to Explore the Sites on Vancouver Island

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Two people are standing in front of curved glass showcases that go from the floor to the ceiling. There is a person with silver hair wearing a black shirt, pants and shoes with a colourful print scarf. There is another person next to her wearing a light grey sports coat with a peach-coloured button up shirt, jeans and brown dress shoes. Both people are wearing masks.

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A snowy scene with the sun behind a couple. The woman has blonde hair and is wearing a pink coat and black snow pants. She has snowshoes on and is walking through the snow. Next to her is a man in a dark-coloured coat. He also has snowshoes on and is holding a black pole with one hand.

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A school-aged boy is sitting on the back of a couch looking out the window. There is another building off in the distance, as well as snow-covered tree branches in front of him. The room he’s sitting in has orange checkered curtains, as well as a rust-coloured couch with a matching pillow on one arm and a matching blanket strewn across teh couch.

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A man in a white button up shirt and black pants with a bow tie is holding hands with a woman in a long, flowing white dress with a veil. They are both looking at each other, as they stand on a dock. To the right side of them are seven small boats of various sizes docked in the water. Beyond that are homes with orange roofs.

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