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From the left: a Guelph police officer wearing his black uniform and hat with red and gold police emblem; Robert Graham, winner of the CAA School Safety Patrol Supervisor Award, wearing a green polo and beige khaki pants, holding a triangular glass trophy and a plaque; a woman wearing  a grey and white speckled shirt and a black blazer; a Guelph police officer wearing her uniform and hat with red and gold police emblem as well as a chest protector with a radio, walkie-talkie, flashlight and keys. Behind them is a white brick wall and a dark blue and white CAA School Safety Patrol banner.

The CAA School Safety Patrol Supervisor of the Year Winner

A dedicated volunteer is praised for his efforts to keep kids safe in school zones

Jeremy Tarrington, a grade eight student from Cedarland Public School, is named the CAA School Safety Patroller of the Year.

The 2021/2022 Winner of the CAA School Safety Patroller Award

A pupil is praised for his efforts to keep peers safe in school zones

An illustrated map of the route taken by Dr. Perry Doolittle across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver. Canada is varying shades of green, surrounded by blue. You see a headshot of Dr. Doolittle on the top right, and a black car travelling west across the country.

Father of the Trans-Canada Highway: Five Fun Facts to Know

This road safety pioneer was a driving force behind everything from road signs to the Trans-Canada Highway

Five cartoon hands reach in together in a circle, holding various sized hearts in light pink, pink, orange and red. The arms and sleeves of the people are shown. Clockwise from the left, you see a white sleeve with small blue diamonds and a yellow cuff, a green sleeve with light green dashes, a blue sleeve with light blue dashes and a yellow cuff, a pink sleeve with yellow dashes and three thin bracelets of yellow, green and pink, and a dark blue sleeve with a light blue checked pattern and white cuff. The background is turquoise with scattered small yellow hearts, stars and circles.

How CAA Helps Your Local Community and Puts Members First

Why does CAA routinely go above and beyond for Members? Because they are driven by good.

A boy is sitting at a desk. He has black-framed glasses and is wearing a V-neck striped shirt that is grey and teal. He is holding a yellow pencil with an eraser at the end and looking at a notebook.

How an Officer Rallied Support for Student Safety During the Pandemic

How the Guelph police helped keep the safety program operating despite the pandemic

Two young kids are standing outside. There is a taller girl standing on the left. She is wearing a mint green coat with a red ear warmer and black gloves. She is wearing a backpack with purple straps and a gray mask. Next to her is another person wearing a navy and pink colour block winter coat with a navy knit hat. That person is wearing a black backpack with a print on it.

How a Safety Patrol Program Kept Students Moving During the Pandemic

How a school bus consortia helped to keep students safe despite the pandemic

Five school-aged kids leaving the front entrance of a building, each wearing backpacks and a mask. The boy in the centre is wearing glasses and is carrying a red and black soccer ball.

How a Grade 6 Student From Guelph Kept His Community Safe

Suhaib Khtab Khalel was named CAA School Safety Patroller of the Year for his dedication amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

A mask is shown in a gallery with paintings in the background

Expand Your Knowledge of Indigenous Culture in Canada

Learn more about the Indigenous experience through first hand accounts from storytellers, journalists and artists

A woman with headphones lying on a couch using her laptop

CAA Launches New Online Portal with Member-Exclusive Content

CAA’s new online community connects Members with each other and its Rewards partners in an engaging new program. From educational videos to one-of-a-kind virtual events, there’s something to make everyone smile.