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An outdoor ice rink surrounded by a field covered in snow. There are people on the ice skating around, with a hockey net placed at one end. The sun is setting in the background.

Frozen Fun: A History of Outdoor Ice Rinks in Canada

Canadians are keeping the outdoor rink tradition alive, even in the face of climate change

Three people stand together inside a cafe. There's a woman on the left wearing a pink dress with short, curly, red hair. There's a man in the middle wearing a grey t-shirt and dark jeans. And there's another woman on the right wearing a yellow dress and a denim jacket on top of it, and her hair is shoulder length and blonde.

Brewing Up Support

Inclusion Coffeehouse is in the business of coffee, muffins and supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities

A couple ice skating at night. There are evergreen trees in the background decorated with lights.

5 Things You Can Do with Your CAA Membership This Winter

Whether you like embracing the cold or staying in, CAA has an offer for you

A grey factory building with many rectangular windows with black frames, and a couple of green trees on the sides of it.

How Raber Glove Garbage Mitts® Became a Canadian Classic

For more than 80 years, made-in-Winnipeg Raber Glove products have been keeping Canadian hands warm

The rooftop beekeping program, with a large butterfly statue and hives in the background. Beyond the rooftop is a glimpse of the CN Tower, as well as other city buildings.

Buzz Words

From rooftop bee hives to apiary schools, Canadians in the beekeeping industry are busy sustaining nature’s tiny but mighty pollinators

WETRA Owner Paige Shepley wears a black long sleeve shirt with a purple puffer best and stands next to a light brown horse with a white mane.

Stable Life

A volunteer-run org in Windsor-Essex helps people experience the benefits of riding horses

A landscape picture of a woman wearing a blue jacket and a light pink hat. She stands in front of a field that has lost colour due to the changing seasons.

Looking to Try The Best Toronto Trails?

Founder Camara Chambers is building a inclusive hiking community, one hike at a time

A large, calm lake with a sandy shore.

Testing the Waters

Volunteer stewards work to protect our freshwater lakes, rivers and streams

Founders of Darkspark Mel Larkin and D'Ari Lisle wearing bright orange clothing standing in a field, surrounded by tall beige grass.

Sparking Light

Darkspark brought their extraordinary blend of music, youth and social justice to remote communities in Canada. Now, the team is going global

Naila Moloo stands in a brightly lit science lab, with a clear, cylindrical beaker next to her.

The 16-year-old Behind the Flexible Solar Panel

We’re sharing stories about Canadians making change that ripples from coast to coast to coast. For this inspiring, young eco-inventor, planet Earth is the study hall.