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Which Travel Insurance Plan Is the Best for My Next Vacation?

Travel insurance is highly recommended when outside the country, but did you know it’s important when travelling within Canada too?

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Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan: How to Ensure You Are Protected

Travel confidently knowing you’re fully covered, wherever your adventure takes you

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Why the Right Coverage Is Important on A Cross-Country Trip

Exploring the country? Make sure you’re covered on your next trip

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Taking a Cruise in 2022? What to Know Before You Hop Aboard

With cruise operations resuming around the world, here’s what travellers should know

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10 Top Summer Travel Tips To Keep In Mind in 2022

What to consider when planning your next vacation

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Travel Insurance: How to Ensure You're Protected While Away

Here are four things to take care of before your trip so you’ll rest easy throughout

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Debunking Top 6 Myths About Travel Insurance

Debunking myths about coverage you may need while on vacation

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Going to a Different Province? You Still Need Travel Insurance

You wouldn’t consider flying abroad without travel insurance, but what about when you’re heading out of the province? It’s important no matter where you travel.

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Car Rental Travel Insurance in 2022—3 Important Things to Know

Crucial reasons to purchase it and what to consider about your coverage