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A close up of whit subway tiles on a wall. Some tiles are affixed to the wall already in a straight row, but there is also a smearing of tile adhesive that doesn’t have any tiles yet.

4 Ways to Help Budget Your Home Renovations

Find out where you can afford to cut costs when remodelling your home

A woman wearing a dark green hijab, light pink cardigan and green shirt is standing in front of a laptop on a workbench-style table. She is looking at a laptop and smiling at the screen. One arm is positioned over a cardboard box. Behind her are two wooden shelves. There is one in a corner by a window filled with boxes of different shapes and sizes. Some of the boxes on the shelves directly behind her have mailing labels on them. There is also a full-length mirror leaning on a wooden wall behind her and a rack of clothes.

Home Business Insurance Coverage—Top 5 Things to Know

Here’s what you need to know about what your home insurance will—and will not—cover

A woman with long brown hair wearing a white winter coat, a grey and white toque, a black and white striped scarf, jeans and boots is walking in a snowy field. She is holding onto a leash with a medium-sized dog with an ivory coat that is sniffing the snow. The dog is wearing a burgundy and red scarf tied around its neck.

8 Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy and Safe this Winter

Here’s how to keep your beloved pet safe in freezing temperatures

A view of a living room with a burnt orange sectional couch. There are four pillows in the corner of the sectional, one in a different colour of mustard, dark turquoise, cobalt blue and copper. There is a small, mid-century-inspired table in front of the couch with some bare branches in a small brown vase and a smaller decorative container next to it. In front of the couch is a single wicker chair with a mustard-coloured pillow on it. In the back corner of the room is a green plant in a brown planter.

How to Find the Best Deals on Essentials for Your Home

Shop with CAA’s Rewards partners for unique items to make your house a home

A person wearing a light pink knit hat and a fuschia pink coat is sitting behind a kid wearing a dark hat and a blue and neon yellow winter coat and snow pants. They are both smiling as they’re sitting in the snow. Behind them in the background is a person wearing a black and bright purple winter coat with a white hat and a younger person in front of them in a navy coat and hat.

Top 7 Family Day Festivities You Can Do This Year

Here are seven activities to enjoy with friends and family on February 21at home or close to home

A couple are standing in a kitchen with white cabinets and a dark tile backsplash behind the range. They are each wearing aprons with their arms around each other and smiling at each other. She is holding a bouquet of red roses. There are several red heart-shaped balloons with red ribbons tied to the door knob of one of the kitchen cabinets behind them.

5 Creative Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Prefer to celebrate love at home? Here are five things you can do with that special someone

A close up of a red and black snow blower being pushed through some snow. There is a person wearing beige pants and a black coat with thick brown gloves holding onto the handle. There is several inches of snow that has been cleared beside the person, with snow-covered trees.

How to Choose the Best Snow Blower This Winter

When you’re researching the best machine for your needs, keep size, power and the number of augers in mind

Three small white squares of terry cloth are fanned out on a table. Behind them is a small ivory bowl with more cloth squares in it along with an off-white circular pad. In front of the bowl is a medium jar of white cream sitting on a light grey cloth. Behind the white jar is a brown jar with a lit candle. There is a small sprig of white flowers sitting on the grey cloth in front of the white jar.

5 Things You Can Do to Take Care of Your Skin this Winter

Here are five tips to keep your skin soft and moisturized all season long

Two people are walking down a road arm in arm. There is a woman with shoulder-length white hair on the left wearing a carmel-coloured wool coat. There is a man next to her with salt and pepper hair and a beard. He is wearing glasses with a black frames, a black turtleneck and a black and white flecked coat. He is looking at the woman and smiling broadly at her.

4 Top Questions to Ask a Life Insurance Advisor

If you’re considering buying a life insurance policy, here are four things to find out to ensure you have the right policy to suit your needs

Four people, whose faces are blurry, are holding lit sparklers. Each one has a number that spells out 2022.

Five Fun Things to Do on New Year’s Eve 2022

It’s time to relax and reflect on another year with your loved ones. Here are five things you can do to ring in the new year